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[talk] Fandom projects list, Twitter archive 2011-08-07 to 2011-08-13

MASTERS PAPER IS FINISHED!!! \o/ I can spend more time actually enjoying life now. XD;

Got all 14 summer costumes from the Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo, shall hope the full version comes with gameplay improvements, since it's pretty decent so far except for things like camera controls~

Fandom projects list
A quick list to let people know I have not given up on them even if I haven't done anything to progress in a while!! XDDD;;
✿ Inazuma Eleven at ryuu_rogue (GO GET THE MOVIE NAO~)
✿ Digimon at ryuu_rogue
✿ Translation commissions
✿ Stuff for aarinfantasy~
✿ Magazine scans, lyrics site, Inazuma fansite etc
✿ Danball Senki
✿ Messiah game translations
✿ Blazer Drive walkthrough/patched game translations
✿ Seiyuu vid subbing goodness
✿ Tomato and FDKD stuff 8D; But I think I have to scrap my FDKD fic ORZ

Dreamed that I had to get up early every morning to get to public transportation (which was NOT BART, it was an "ideal combination" of all the underground train systems I've used), and that whenever I got on that pubtran, I'd end up in an RPG world where I could fly (with certain limits... and apparently very slowly since it still took me forever to get from one place to another). I made my living in this world somehow...~

Anyway, I was out flying in the world when suddenly I had a huge urge to go to the bathroom, but I was out in the middle of some huge school grounds. I decided to check into the school to see if they had a bathroom. The one I found was out in some really open room for some reason, but since I didn't see anyone else I went ahead and used it. I finished my business, and taking steps away from the toilet, I saw a couple schoolboys, maybe around the age of 8, in another room brushing their teeth. Caused me to freak out on the inside, hope they hadn't seen me. .__. But none of them seem to have noticed so it made me sigh relief.

On the other far end of that room, I saw.... Sangoku Taichi from Inazuma Eleven GO. He started taking off his shirt to get changed, so I made myself scarce and left XDDD
What wry?? (hey brain, can I get Tsurugi in my dreams next??? Or the old InaIre cast?~)

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