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[talk] INAZUMA ELEVEN STRIKERSSSS, Twitter archive 2011-07-10 to 2011-07-16

Inazuma Eleven movie bluray should be shipping soon and optimistically speaking, it should arrive straight on Monday. If I'm super lucky, it'll come on Friday, but not really counting on it. XD;

Keep an eye on updates from Too Many Penguins! and my Inazuma Eleven Strikers review~ although I won't have much time to update either for a bit. Just some screenshots up atm from my terrible quality capture card~

Respam from my Twitter:

Strikers team I beat Ogre with~ Gouenji's \o/ pose with Genda's hair in the way, and Teikoku chemistry \o/

Just dropping those few lines off, busy enjoying the busy times of life o> LEVEL-5 GAMES SO DELICIOUS MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMth

The recently announced Digimon PSP game looks decent too, as long as the battle system is good. I see Bandai Namco invested some good sum to get in a reknown character designer, and Bamco CAN make good games when they try, so they better REALLY try for this one. As long as it doesn't take a drip of influence from Xros, I'll be happy. Wtf Toei. Seriously wtf. >_>; But seeing both the regular and GeoGreymon on the PSP pleases me so.

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