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[talk] Takuyo~, Twitter archive 2011-07-03 to 2011-07-09

Inazuma Eleven characters like to move their bodies, motto yareee ~('.'~) (~'.')~

My lunch today \o/ Totals to about $3.50.
And planning to cook pastaaaaaa tonight

I blame 24-yr-old Fusao for reviving my boy crush desires urf why XD;; So I take it to otome games...

Went back and played a route in Sorayume PSP with Kusao Takeshi's (Xros's Kiriha) character. Enjoyed it. It left me happily satisfied with bashful face~ Wish he used his Sorayume voice in Xros ._.; His natural lisp comes out more in Sorayume, which I like. Unfortunately, Kiriha is always spitting some rude pre-teen nonsense I could really care less for.

But damn, it was a good reminder of how much I enjoy Takuyo's games. They're soooo underrated in the otoge world imo. Need more Takuyo fans! I'm not as interested in the Kaeru series cast, but I wonder if I should play those games anyway... At least Tattsun is in their upcoming Shinigami game, and the premise looks different from their usual games, I hope in a good way. Hmmmm~ and OMG Sanpei Yuuko can I pair with this one? (one of the few female voices I can crush on like they're an actual guy xDDD)

I should really be doing my Masters paper... but ugh do not want.

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