Splash (splash) wrote,

[talk] Danball Senki PSP, Twitter archive 2011-06-12 to 2011-06-18

Danball Senki PSP > Danball Senki Anime > Xros's existence
The anime's only at ep 16 anyway, but seriously... Level-5 games ftw.
The game is totally on a different level. *punshot*

Kaidou Jin mmmth

hige Touchi Hiroki mmmth

Game review with more screenshots here
And now to just bask in spoilerland as I keep up with the anime... XD

Moving next week... I'm excited but I WANT TO BRING MY CAT WITH ME ORZ
At least she'll be safe here at the Michigan home. Watch me call my parents to ask them how Lina's doing before asking how they're doing :x

Tags: gaming, series - danball senki, twitter
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