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[talk] Gundam AGE, Twitter archive 2011-05-29 to 2011-06-11

So... LEVEL-5 doing the new Gundam series. Inazuma Eleven power totally infused in it. Lol Pres Hino.

Gundam AGE seiyuu cast... omg wwww
フリット・アスノ:三瓶由布子 Sanpei Yuuko
アセム・アスノ:西墻由香 Nishigaki Yuka
キオ・アスノ:小松未可子 Komatsu Mikako
AGE:神谷浩史 Kamiya Hiroshi
エミリー・モリー:寿美菜子 Kotobuki Minako
エース・ナウ:梶裕貴 Kaji Yuuki
グラン・グルーデック:東地宏樹 Touchi Hiroki
ミレース・ライト:北西純子 Kitanishi Junko

Rumored?? well this is pretty old anyway, we'll see when it gets closer to the October airing date.

So I bolded the people also involved in main Inazuma Eleven cast... wwwwww it made me spit my drink.~
Two of my favorite trap voices ever (Aphrodi + Kazemaru), Kamiyan + Kajikaji bish combo, and then Touchi Hiroki (Kudou)/Kitanishi Junko (Hitomiko) coach combo............
THIS CAST. THIS CAST. Level-5 you molest my brain enough with Inazuma Eleven GO's cast already. This is... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~
I still don't think I'll ever care for mecha and parts of the story do seem pretty lame, but this is LEVEL-5, so something good will happen with it. For now, at least this looks to be another fun seiyuu ride to look forward to in the future. Considering Gundam 00 has the same sound director as Inazuma, I wonder if Mima's also doing AGE. Plenty of cast overlaps between all three series already (Nishigaki, Kamiya, Touchi). Don't mind me, just being a total seiyuu and LEVEL-5 dork nau

*EDIT* PV SANPEIiiiiiiiiii?~

Two long weeks on the Twitter archive, beware:
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