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[talk] Deadman Wonderland, Twitter archive 2011-05-15 to 2011-05-21

So there's a series I left out from my previous season anime blab entry, Deadman Wonderland. Honestly, my impression of the other shows I'm watching haven't changed (which is a good thing for the most part).

Anyway, Deadman Wonderland has been my total dark horse for this season~ I picked it up on a random whim and have not been disappointed so far (with a universal expectation board at least haha). I'm only vaguely familiar with Manglobe's productions, and a brief look at the cast with Paku Romi and Kana-chan was enough to let me try it out.

This is mostly because of this dudeeee voiced by Kaji Yuuki in his hot deep sexy voice hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr someonehelpmefrommeltingintosplashpuddle

The premise of the story is COMPLETELY evil on the surface, but if you're able to look past certain things you can quickly realize the main focus isn't on the evil (no matter how much there is in it), but on the good instead. And that's what pulls me in. There is also a lot of gore and crazy language use I normally don't care for, but the worst of it is tastefully censored, and thus it adds to the intensity of the story rather than pulls away from it imo. XD;

I just watched ep 6 and despite reading spoilers on mal.net about this guy, I really enjoyed the episode. This might've been one of the cases where reading the spoilers actually helps take in the story easier. But when I think about it more, it might've not made a difference for me either way because the pace is good enough that I'm left feeling quite positive at the end of each ep, despite feeling close to gut terrible at certain parts in the middle. I can tell the producers do it totally on purpose though. It's quite a fun experience and one that doesn't come often... I hope this series ends well (ep 12).

Usually a series with so much insanity is a huge turn-off for me because it's all they'd seem interested in portraying, or there's just WAY too much emphasis on putting insanity as the climax action and it's just completely boring to me (I'm looking at Higurashi and the like). But this isn't one of them if you're willing to look beyond the surface.

On a slightly unrelated note to self... Stop looking at the mal.net forum discussions. Sooooooooo many worthless posts. Total hate-land no matter what series it is.

But while I'm on the subject of Kaji Yuuki... 8D;;;

This guy didn't show up in ANY of the preview stuff for GO until the anime started airing, so it was one happy surprise toot on my whistle. hyuuhyuu
I have my bets that female staff is to thank for this, but I can't be totally sure with the awesomeness that is Inazuma when those male staffers write such yummy male-bonding scenes. 8D;
Like I said on my Twitter before, it's like Fudou became Fusao and took the ace #10 uniform. Pixiv is already having a lot of fun with him (and the bench). My brain has broken XD~

But still need more Fudou. Mm. Fic-write~~ drdr dakedo mada kaitteru orz

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