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[talk] DREAM... + Twitter archive 2011-05-01 to 2011-05-07

Loyalty userpics +1 = More soccer alienssssss!

I dreamt that the knockoff Minervamon in Xros didn't have that dreadful purple lipstick. Also, instead of having whatever excessively outlined unvme eyes she had that I'm still trying to unsee, she had the setting of almost never showing her eyes except those snake ones on the helmet, pretty much like the original design except there's still space for those eyes. And when she does finally open her other eyes, they're of the sexy kind, with different colors for either eye, the colors same as Nojinii character's piercings in Inazuma Eleven GO. The colors are purposely of those earrings. Also, she had a backstory and a deep involvement to the plot that went beyond a random encounter in the next Zone. And she was more attractively proportionate like Angewomon, or Ulvida in Inazuma Eleven. >_>;
And then there was a scene with three from GO, Shindou Takuto/Kirino Ranmaru/Tsurugi Kyousuke, with some clumpy-looking almost knockoff hairstyles instead of the ones they have for GO, except they still looked decent. They were riding jet mechs and under Yuu's control/harem like the druggies from Gundam SEED. And THEIR involvement of the plot was, like dreamMinervamon, also something that fired me up, like the second Inazuma season. wtf. The whole time, including the Minervamon part, I was literally thinking this was the real Xros, and I was actually starting to take interest in it despite the whole mech junk I don't care for. And then I woke up, and then I realized it was just a dream, and then I realized it was all just Inazuma Eleven GO. これが化身か!? Oiii cho-
So yeah in the end it ended up being more of a dream about Inazuma Eleven and GO.

While I'm on the subject of InaGO, Seiyuu spoilers for the Raimon team from the latest Animage (if you can read the jp, or I also updated the ANN page with it already). Nojinii and Yocchinえェ wwwwwwww XDDDDD

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