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[talk] In Boston Next Week, Inazuma Eleven GO start!

I'm going to be in Boston from May 8-13!
My mom's workplace is paying for all the living expenses including hotel and a super generous budget for meals... XD
Good suggestions for places to shop, eat and special events for recommendation are greatly welcome!!
So far I only know I'll be gorging off lots of delicious bakery food from Chinatown. We're getting public transportation passes that are supposedly unlimited use of bus/subway/ferry for the full week (win). My mom has to attend workshops during the workdays so I've been given the mission to make the most out of the rest of the trip.

I have to say though, I'm not that interested in the historic sites, especially for just going by myself. If I had a good friend to go with, sure maybe. With a good friend, I'd have a fun time no matter what we're doing. If I'm stuck with random relatives or friends of my parents, that's worse than going it alone imo. If I really end up bored enough, I'll even consider just lurking around TokyoKid to see if I can make any cool encounters among the people there.

[inazuma eleven go]

nakimushi captain ga kininaru~


Just a couple random screenies XD;;; The op/ed are already so stuck in my head, it's probably because I haven't listened to them over and over as much as I would in order to karaoke time and make effects for them. Since I'm just softsubbing now... they're stuck in my head ahhh.
I honestly really wouldn't mind continuing to do effects, but in the first place I've only been using other people's past karaoke and tweaking them to artistically fit with these specific videos. For example, the karaoke for Inazuma Ed 6, Shining Power actually uses the karaoke rofflwaffl made for us on another (secret) project, I just tweaked some functions here and there, the shape, the colors, the positioning, the font... and voila, "new" effect. Even then, it still takes a lot of time to conceptualize and make. All that and it only gets used for 10 eps uuuuuu. XD; Anyway I'm running low on decent templates to use that I haven't used already, and don't really have the time and juice to conceptualize these karaokes anymore.~

It's really wonderful to see all the returning staff for GO. I'm still saddened about no Mitsuda Yasunori, but I'm confident Terada and company know what they're up with. The feeling of epic is coming upon us XD~
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