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[talk] Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari, Twitter archive 2011-04-24 to 2011-04-30

Someone else can answer all of the leech questions on ryuu_rogue because I don't feel like it anymore XD; Pursuit of happiness > leeches
Then again I think I've stopped answering them a lot longer ago? Impulse makes me generous sometimes but I'd rather moe over odd things like only-subtle Kamiya Hiroshi x Kaji Yuuki (Wolf x Cain) in Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari (PSP). Slowly constructing my sloppy review on it here. I didn't sacrifice anyone so I got some general ending CG at the end. I might look into getting individual endings... Also might consider going after the ending with Suzuki Tatsuhisa's character (Rushdie) too. I got to the second promise with him but didn't get time for the final third in my first playthrough. Anyone else playing this? XD;;; I'm actually a bit awed that this game isn't terrible for being only 350mb uncompressed. Voices are sparse between events, but the important parts are all voiced including the '`ァ'`ァ moments shown below; it makes me wish Kurahana Chinatsu would do art for another BL game like Lamento XD~ The music is wonderful too.

Cain: Promise me, Wolf-san! From now on, watch over and protect me!

Wolf: Of course. I'll always be at your side. From now on, and forever...
*snuffs at the undertones* (*´Д`)'`ァ'`ァ
Women, they exist in this game? Okay, I'm joking, the women in this game are useful too, but I'm just not interested in any of their endings. :x

Oh, and I like the things they say if you try to sleep on other people's beds Cain's, Rushdie's.

On the job front-- So I was told that the offices are undergoing restructuring and they needed "another week or two" before letting me know the final decision. AHhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't mind as long as I get the position!!!! LET ME DEDICATE MY CAREER TO YOU PLEASEEEE. ORZ

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