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[talk] PASH May 2011 Nojima Hirofumi feature, Inazuma Eleven 127

So without even realizing his name was written on the cover of PASH May 2011, I was browsing through the magazine when I came across the seiyuu feature of the issue:

Nojima Hirofumi and his bike OTP. XD;
I died in utter fabulous you're-38-years-old-nojinii~ bliss when I reached this page~

Nojima Hirofumi Interview summaries:
✿ Born in Tokyo but moved to Kyushu for junior high school. Worked locally in Kyushu for a while at a 10-employee production company as a sound mixer. He was first asked to narrate for local CMs (commercials) and more requests for his narration started coming afterwards. As his family returned to Tokyo, his younger brother Kenji debuted as a seiyuu. Nojinii figured "I want to try it too after all!" and so he called his dad up (lol).
✿ Since he was new to acting in general, his father had him study theatre. It's still a mystery to him why he was sent to a theatre institute instead of a seiyuu school like his younger brother Kenji (lol). He learned the usual necessities for using his voice, but since it was theatre he ended up learning a lot about body movement and facial expressions too. Because of that, he can still do backflips and handstands (lol). Although unsure if those are any helpful to his seiyuu work, at least the vocal work has been a lot of help to him.
✿ He started thinking about becoming a theatre actor instead of seiyuu along the way. However, he was dropped from his institute's auditions in the end and decided to turn back to being a seiyuu. He was even dropped from Sigma Seven auditions at first (where his father also works), which taught him that he still had things to learn.
✿ After studying narration with Sigma Seven for a year, he had the opportunity to show his skills again and the big-ups from Sigma Seven renewed their view of him and let them into their agency.~ He was aiming to be a narrator at the time, and thus he only did narration work for about three years.
✿ His first involvement in anime was in his late 20s. His first actual lines were in "Boggiepop Phantom" (2000). After that, he got a lead role in "Overman King Gainer" (2002), and his anime work increased from there.
✿ When he started out, he was about 90% narration and 10% anime, but nowadays it's about half-half.
"King Gainer" was a big turning point for Nojinii. About 70% of the cast were actually threatre performers, so he found that he got along with them well, and the director was also a big fan of theatre work. Thus the work had a lot of performance aimed towards theatre-like work and Nojinii was able to make use of his time at the theatre institute (kudos to Nojidad).
"Inazuma Eleven" was also a big turning point! To him, it's his first time being able to participate in a work that reaches such a large audience, from children to older women.
✿ The studio recording sessions for Inazuma Eleven are pretty crazy since the matches involve 22 people on the field, as well as everyone in the bench and stands. Sometimes 3 people would have to share a single mic. Just like having to pass the ball, they'd have to pass the mic, so it was like actual soccer in the studio (lol).
✿ He didn't imagine he'd be doing things like singing in front of people when he started voice work. He likes to keep a "use only 80% of your strength is enough" mind when he's in front of people, and to him it actually makes things more fun and better for him to bring himself out.
✿ The fun parts of being a seiyuu: For document narration, it's being the one delivering the message of the piece. For informative narrations, it's being able to serve an audience. And he finds being able to perform different characters with their individual ways of expressing emotions to be interesting.
✿ He had a lot of friends up through junior high school before he had to move to Kyushu. (TwT~)
✿ "Funky" parents: His parents had longed for life out in the country, which is why they had moved to Kyushu. Also Nojinii had a weak body back then, so they wanted to get out of the city to provide him with a healthier environment.
✿ A story: When he was about 10 years old, just with his younger brother Kenji, the two of them went to Hokkaido. Then went there by plane and were told to come back home "on their own" with some allowance money. They ended up hitchhiking and getting to Aomori, but since he was still in 5th grade, he sucked at using money, so he ended up buying a whole bunch of candy and possibly even just losing some money, so by the time they got to Sendai they only had 500 yen ($5 at the time). They didn't have cellphones back then, and with the long distance rate on public phones, it cost 100 yen per minute. He remembers calling home, hearing his parents' voice and breaking down in tears. That's when his younger brother was going "It'll be all right." Nojinii was going "We're in Sendai... *hick*... but we've only got... *sniff* 500 yen left..." while his brother was next to him saying "aha, Onii-chan's crying!" all carefree like younger brothers usually are (lol). In the end, they got the people at the shinkansen station to agree to let them pay after their ride. But they'd been awake for 20 hours since arriving at Sendai and ended up falling asleep on the shinkansen.
✿ Rural life: They were deep in the mountains in Kyushu, where they had to make just about everything for themselves, including growing their own rice, old-fashioned bath tubs and cooking, and they only had NHK on TV. He's probably the most fit for country life in the seiyuu world XD He can use old-fashioned stoves, hoes, chainsaws and other home improvement machines too.
✿ Thanks to living out in the country, his body got better, and when he was 19 he picked up a part-time at a rice shop, where he'd have to carry around 30-60 kilo bags. And he'd drive around the trucks around the farms.
✿ Fundamentally, he likes keeping his body moving so he has interests in sports, but lately his hobby has been BIKING. He doesn't have to go to a gym for it, and he can use it to get to and from his work, so all the better! He's even gone from Shinjuku to Odaiba's Big Sight in the matter of 35 minutes-- possibly faster than if taking a train, except of course it tires him out terribly.
✿ There was one time when he had a programming event to go to and he decided to go by bike, and it ended up in Karuizawa... It was 169km (105 miles) away and took him 10 hours to bike there. 3 of the hours were because of a steep pass on the way. Also, it was ridiculously hot the whole way. It was enough to make him go "Dammit, I'm looking pretty cool right now but no one's here to see it. This could sell if someone were recording me" XD He talks about the feeling of accomplishment he got out of finally making it past the steep mountain, and then wanting to go through such a trial again sometime. A good exercise physically and mentally.
✿ "Relationships": Soon after moving into Kyushu, probably in his first year of junior high, his younger brother gave him a letter saying "someone told me to give it to you." It was a love letter addressed "To the new transfer student"! Since he was a transfer student, he did a self-introduction in front of the whole class, and the letter went on to say "I thought we might work out after that." But then as he read it, it went on to say "Actually, I also have a crush on ___-kun so I'm a little lost on what to do," which made Nojinii go WTF no thanks! XD
✿ His ideal married life would be one where he can enjoy outdoor activities with his kids. Getting a camping car or such.
✿ He gets a little scared when he thinks about getting kids and wanting to go live in the countryside XD But he's having fun with his work right now so he doesn't want to give it up yet. Ideally, he'd like to be close enough to the city but still be able to enjoy nature. But he actually likes the city life quite a bit because he can go window shopping, see art displays etc. He goes to the Roppongi hills pretty often and then out drinking afterwards.
✿ He has a tendency to not remember what he did while drunk XD;
✿ The next thing he wants to challenge is go around Okinawa completely on his bike. And he'd be happy to show up in more works so that more people will hear his voice :D

Questionnaire translation:
1. First thing that comes to mind at the word "winter": Snowboarding
2. You see a falling star! What's your wish?: Hit the lottery jackpot!
3. Favorite place?: Japan
4. If you were a power ranger, what would your color be? Final move?: Black. Something cool.
5. Favorite motto: Don't be a picky eater
6. Something you always carry with you: Bike?
7. Ideal type of female talent: Rashida Jones
8. Nickname when you were little: Nojii
9. First thing you wash when showering: Face
10. Something you've messed up with recently: Drinking too much
11. If you had a week vacation, what would you do?: Bike travel
12. If you were reborn, what would you want to be?: The cool male actor
13. Your treasure?: Bike (Sorry it's nothing but this)
14. What's your fetish?: The fetish of not deciding on a fetish
15. Favorite color? Black
16. Something you'd recommend to everyone?: BIKES (I'm so sorry!)

Ever since Nojinii started talking about his biking (as he does on his twitter), I've been overlapping his image with Takemoto's from Honey & Clover... ^^;; And while I was reading the interview the first time, I cried as all the thoughts and memories muddled together. orz

[inazuma eleven]
And then there was ep 127, the big conclusion to the Endou story.

It took me forever to find out about the cheer messages Inazuma Eleven and other TV Tokyo shows made after the March 11 disasters. Uu~

RADIO MISTY PAIRRRrrrrrrrrrr... (and every single radio reference to Ichinose/Handa Pegasus Phoenixes and White Meteor Odin Swords deyansu) TwT~~~~ Inazuma series can never have enough of them. I hope those two (声優の方) get plenty of action in GO!

As well as Yocchin and his penguins. \o/ Let's add Nojinii to the pile again since they're from the same seiyuu agency. GO, GO!

I went SQUEE at like a million other things in this episode but these are the less spoilery ones. XD;
Btw I totally predicted what happened with Fudou by the end of 126, and yappari it makes my WIP fic totally off-canon but that's OKAY~ EITHER POSSIBILITY FIRES ME UP IN GOOD WAYS AND I'M GLAD THIS ONE HAPPENED. Inazuma banzai \o/

I'm tagging this entry with Savers because people who click with me well enough should know where my Nojinii love first comes from D8;
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