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[talk] Churn, churn... + Twitter archive 2011-04-17 to 2011-04-23


A lot of things in the upcoming week will probably make or break me in many ways, so don't mind if I'm more edgy than usual..... D: I'm trying to find more effective ways to vent it (like translating more lyrics, SEIYUU MUSIC has been my high lately), but life ain't perfect. No matter what, I'm going to try to keep a positive outlook. Good things will happen no matter which way my life turns. GANBARIIYO

I am however exceedingly looking forward to the Yo-Yo Ma concert on April 28!! I originally thought it was in May and was afraid there was a chance I'd have to miss it. With this, I'll have seen both him and Itzhak Perlman perform live at concert. Classical superstars ♥♥♥

I just had a second formal skype+phone interview with the American branch of a Japanese company in Cali (hello sister :3 ), this second time with the CEO. I've never gotten that far with an out-of-state job until now, but I still don't know what my chances are...................... all the questions they asked me were so open-ended and I tried my best to provide them as much information as they were looking for... The CEO asked me to type up a Japanese version of my cover letter and send it to him, which I did a couple hours afterwards (had to eat dinner first), and he said he'll make a decision in the coming week. Mom keeps chewing at me for not demanding at least $25/hour ._.;; I'm purposely leaving other details in the dark for now, so please don't ask XD IwantthisjobIwantthisjobIwantthisjobIwantthisjobIwantthisjob

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