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[talk] Psyched for HD Soccer Ogres, Twitter archive 2011-04-10 to 2011-04-16

Twitter updater doing weird things again~ Switching plugin, hopefully this one will be better.~

I forgot to mention my 10-year anniversary on LJ was on April 5. XD; I still have another 2 or 3 years (forgot exactly how many) before my permanent accounts pays itself off in number of paid subscriptions. Although I guess if you count having max loyalty userpics and such that comes with permanent accounts, it's probably paid itself already in reality. 207 userpics pwee! :3

Inazuma Eleven movie confirmed bluray release July 20th! Donation pool open, and it hit past the halfway point in just 2 days, Inazuma Eleven fandom rocks~ :D *GREAT BIG HUGS* THE POOL IS STRONG

Contributions to this ChipIn donation pool will go towards Blu-ray drive and Inazuma Eleven movie bluray for subbing at ryuu_rogue! splash will pay the rest out of pocket.

I'm also making arrangements to get all the eps we've been lacking HD versions of for ages, but will need another week to see how that plays out. Ganbaruzo!!!! ;x~ Soccer aliens and Atsuya's epic days in HD, please come to mommy~
For that, it is the second reason why I need to clear out about a hundred gigs of hard drive space like... nao, in addition to the 25 gigs I need to keep open for all the other fansubbing stuff I do. D8;

Ahhh my favorite seiyuu are getting close to 40 years old. minna, toshi totteru ne...~~
jikan wo taisetsu ni
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