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[talk] Anime Season Spring 2011, Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

lalala my twitter archive plugin is totally bugged up, so I have to update it manually every time, and then it posts twice most of the time which I have to fix manually, gomen >_>; At least it's better than the daily version.

Haven't watched much from the previous seasons lately since my appreciation for gaming for my voice fetishes has been taking over, as well as watching seiyuu events (and I'm loving it that way xD), but just to wrap things up:

[anime impression]
Bakuman: Nojinii :D~ It went a little bit past where I stopped reading in the manga, but it didn't do much to get me interested in picking the manga back up when I know they'll animate another season of this. I still like Obata Takeshi's art but I'm that lazy when it comes to mainstream manga these days.
Dragon Crisis: I pretty much just watched this for the seiyuu brain-breaking between Kugimiya Rie going "RYUUUUUUJIIIII" and being paired up with Shimono Hiro (Tales of Symphonia 2 comes to mind). Other than that, I honestly didn't pay any attention to the story. Cross-species relationships yadayada.
Level E: pweee~ I liked it for its own things, but it was a good substitute while waiting for Gintama to come back. That's really all I can think of it as in the end ^^;;; It was totally full of Togashi aura in the storytelling. Need more KilluaGon. XD
Tegami Bachi: Good series with a good cast and good variety of bishies and good stories. Daisaku's character in this is lots of love. Lots of excessive crying, but in a good way. Was really tempted to archive it but I think I'll still pass.

In the end I didn't end up archiving any of these series XD

And my interests for the new season are still the same as mentioned earlier.
-Blue Exorcist - *weekend post ep1 edit* It's full of many of the things that made Kuroshitsuji awesome animated, sasuga A-1. I like~ But I think it would be much more enjoyable marathoned instead. More likely I'll just dodge spoilers if I don't end up keeping up weekly anyway.
-Gintama - Epic start. XD~~~ I so dearly welcome back this awesomeness in my life.
-Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - kyun kyun BL~
-Sket Dance - I like the starting premise and YOCCHIN, likely I won't keep up with it weekly just yet though. Needs some time to build up.
-The World Only God Knows II - Ee the 8-bit version of God only knows XD; The animation for this op is nicer but I like the first season op song more. But weeeh, all good :D

Gaming Shimono Hiro Keima okaeri~

-Inazuma Eleven GO - Starts May~ April will be lots of extra kyunkyun on my heart.

[tales of graces f]
Third playthrough in speedrun mode took me 6 hours, I bet some crazy person could do it in 3. By avoiding ANY encounters except for bosses and things like that. There's a Grimoire for the white bottle effect for that purpose, hmm. I also bothered to activate every skit I came across even just to skip it. It probably wouldn't have made a difference on my grade points now that I think of it though, since they were all skits I already obtained orz

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