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[talk] Various highlights before I get sucked in the abyss of paper writing again

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Got myself a Japanese style userhead with the proceeds going towards Doctors Without Borders to help Japan :3
Special thanks to d_s_unit who actually gave me the LJ Tokens to get it, from way back on my bday. I'd been saving them up all this time for something like this.

Also, I'm removing some inactive LJs from my f-list. Please comment if I removed you but you want to stay friended!

[inazuma eleven]
I forgot to note here-- I finally picked a name for the Inazuma Eleven fansite...

Too Many Penguins!

At least for now. XD;; I'll probably still do compulsive fangasms here but hardcore news and such and such will be transferred over there. YO CHEWY!

I've got a massive, massive backlog of RPGs, Otome and BL games to slowly enjoy and slowly review over at Majinken!, so I imagine I won't be bored until the day I die.
Tales of Graces F still holds my #1 entertaining game atm. I only wish it didn't take like 50 hours of initial gameplay before the system actually gets enjoyable (around 20 hours of that is just pure cutscenes, lol. I could skip the cutscenes if I wanted to, but that would ruin my first playthrough experience). I could say that for a lot of Tales games, which is why I like to start them with New Game+ with grade points if possible, but it's not really possible on the PS3 since the Tales game-saves are locked (by console I assume? Or console user? Or...? I'm not 100% clear on this and it'd be nice if someone cleared it up for me XD).

Started Vitamin Z Revolution the other day (my review's really empty atm)... At the end of each chapter, you take an exam with the guy you're giving special lessons to. The questions asked are fully voiced by the teachers...

Kamiya Hiroshi's character asks me this one:

In the anime "Onmyou Taisenki", what Shikigami did the lead protagonist claim a contract with?
1. Byakko no Kogenta
2. Hiiragi no Horin
3. Byakko no Akatsuki
4. Byakko no Rangetsu

I did a total O_________________O; when I saw this, but the time limit goes by pretty quickly so I quickly hit Kogenta after screenshotting XD;
Yes, I totally fail at multiple choice. Even on Vitamin X, I've only gotten a perfect score like once or twice after going through hundreds of questions. And many of these questions, I wonder how many natives get them right on their first try.
...But I just laugh at some of the question variety. They put this under the Religion category. Onmyoudou dakara ka? Lawl. They have game and culture categories with a bunch of interesting questions too, so I might find some more interesting tidbits down the line.

Btw, if yummy seiyuu read off my multiple choice tests on a normal basis (I'm giving rigid, icy glares at standardized tests), I COULD DO THEM ALL DAY LONGGGGGG.
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