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Got some nice stuff from CDJapan today, all Inazuma Eleven related \o/
The great perk for me besides the amazing beautiful awesomeness that is Inazuma All-Stars singing Saikyou de Saikou...

Kidou your cape ♥
Fubuki you're such an angel ♥
Fudouuuuuu wwww ♥

I feel sorry for Hiroto having to stand next to Fudou during the Mata ne no Kisetsu Live. XD;
In the upcoming character song album, they've got Raimon Jr. High tentatively listed for the songs after the solo Inazuma All-Star pieces. Whatever happens, I hope Kaji Yuuki and Shimono Hiro get a chance to sing~~~~~ Need more of that Radio Misty OTP going on~

Some videos from the CD DVDs...
-Bokura no Goal! (Inazuma Japan Dance Shot)
-Mata ne... no Kisetsu - Takeuchi Junko Special Interview
-Mata ne... no Kisetsu (Inazuma Eleven Fan Appreciation Fes Live)

Anyway let me know if you want any of the listed vids (Mata ne vids are bundled) and I'll contact you privately (I'm only giving them out to people I consider REALLY trustworthy friends, would actually appreciate it, and won't spread around the files, etc) XD;;; Getting a bit tired of people not telling me when they leech and redistributing issues (communication, helloooo), so I'm going with this. Starting to feel that mindset of "the rest" of various other circumstances should go and get the actual thing. XD; And I won't have the actual singles ready until I spend some more time with the scanner later down the line.
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