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[talk] di[e]ce, Inazuma Eleven scan requests, Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-27


So, this sexy yummy manga written by Saki Otoh from NAKED APE and art by Yamamoto Kana...
I finally went and read the last volumes 5 and 6 the other night. 'Twas intense.

You know, I remember putting Miyano Mamoru voicing Naoto (pictured above) in my head the entire time I was reading this. Later found out it was actually Morita Masakazu voicing him (in the Time Limit Drama CD which is like impossible to find now....... uuuu), which makes me go bawww but I agree with it at the same time. XD; Moritan's "boku" personality voice is one I also really like.
But the weird thing is how much he resembles FUBUKI... this was all before I even met Fubuki in Inazuma Eleven. XD; And I was imagining him with Mamo voice back then. Mmmm. M.M. It was predestined.

There are some other spoilerish plot elements added to the whole brain-breaking process but I'll leave that aside XD~
After reading everything, I'm not so sure about having a "favorite character" in the series anymore though. It was just very plot and hot action heavy.~ Very much worth the read at least, and the art is a wonderful keep keep keep :D

[inazuma eleven]
Finally scanned up the rest the requests from exclusive Inazuma calendar 2011:

Hai :3 ~


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