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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

Lol, still trying to figure out this plugin as the weeks go =w=~...
Inazuma All-Stars is soooooooo awesome (´;ω;`)ウッ… Thank you, Inazuma seiyuu! Thank you, UP-FRONT WORKS!!!!!
STILL thinking of a name for the Inazuma Eleven newssite or whatever it's going to be. ORZ
Mmm, mmm.~ Yes, 98% of the fangirling I do these days is Inazuma and its seiyuu. 悪いか?

  • omg mata ne no kisetsu is #5 on the daily oricon chart~ http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/js/d/ keep it rising! 8D~ http://v.gd/7LK9nT #
  • @nyatsuhi Eee yay, hope they make it XD~~~ in reply to nyatsuhi #
  • T-Pistonz+KMC's goals for the next year: 2nd album and worldwide tour. Oh, and Kouhaku. XD; RIIYO http://natalie.mu/music/pp/tpistonz #
  • Takejun w/ Toni+KMC in more radio <3 | FIVE STARS【T-Pistonz+KMC】2011/02/11 (29:04) #nicovideo #sm13599748 http://t.co/h8sqGyT #
  • minna, seiyuu de waiwai shiyou ze \o/ #
  • 【動画】吉野裕行のロングバケーション イナズマイレブンスペシャル2 http://nico.ms/sm13642666 を投稿しました。 #sm13642666 #
  • ugh wtf I wish this period would stop stalling, I have a checkup on Monday and will probably get a pap smear, but ehh? #
  • nn, kimeta. mazu wa nicovid kara. 誰かも1回目うpできたらいいな…~ #
  • www Nojinii <3 <3 イナズマイレブン TSUTAYAで爆熱展開中!(円堂と豪炎寺のCM) (1:58) #nicovideo #sm13621014 http://t.co/SNNiOPw #
  • unfortunately I missed the week before TwT #
  • 吉野裕行のロングバケーション Inazuma special 2.mp3 Yoshino Hiroyuki w/ Takeuchi Junko/Nojima Hirofumi guests, who wants? :D #
  • bonyari nojinii <3 #
  • yocchin's FAKE BOMBER~~~~ <3 #
  • uu wish I could record the video too XD; #
  • Inazuma break gumi nau~ http://www.agqr.jp/timetable/digital-mf.php #
  • Totally TLing the rest of the single when I get the chance XD; #
  • takejun mo <3 #
  • yocchin you sound so awfully cute this evening <3 #
  • *cranks up volume* dammit, keyholetv quality so terrible XD; #
  • KOUTEI PENGIN NIGO?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • That's some longggg discussion there. | RT @siliconera Visual Novels: A Cultural Difference Between The East And West http://bit.ly/eWRJ96 #
  • Otherwise I should start learning to tune into A&G radio web streaming? XD #
  • REQUEST! Does anyone have more recordings of Yocchin's radio show?~ 吉野裕行のラジオ・ロングバケーション #001 (28:59) http://t.co/ibXQvPO #
  • 耳が幸せ | 【イナズマ】鬼道さんのお悩み相談【ステーション】 (2:01) #nicovideo #sm9096956 http://t.co/xOYC5I1 #
  • ehhhhhhhhhhhh I want to listen to those radio showsssssssssssssssssssss #
  • :o Inazuma Allstars Staff blog advertized by Upfront http://ameblo.jp/ufw-inazuma/entrylist.html #
  • hrmmm #9 on the oricon daily chart huh moarrrr sales of mata ne no kisetsu please 8D http://v.gd/7LK9nT #
  • one last trap before I hit the pillow http://imepita.jp/20110216/766270 #
  • interesting to know how compressible an ep is from doing workraw, larger workraw = more action--118 is one of the largest I've seen XD; #
  • It is late and I am typoing like butts so I shall get some sleep before timing the ep :D oyasumi~~~ #
  • @shucookies XD Hehe, I guess that's like me and Doraemon a bit. I didn't watch much when I was little but it's funny seeing it still around in reply to shucookies #
  • @Delques HELL YES <3 in reply to Delques #
  • XD ugh I hit the wrong button on the poll today for gamefaqs. I meant to press the first but I hit the last instead rofl http://v.gd/KLLyVK #
  • w/ that, finishing up workraw enc for 118 and still thinking of a sitename for http://inazuma.pmsinfirm.org/ XD Why is this being difficult~ #
  • @shucookies hai XD; the power of kids shows can be scary...~ in reply to shucookies #
  • real life is enough of a bitch already, I'm not interested in getting more bitching when I'm online kthx. NEED MORE HAPPY FANGIRLING #
  • @Nia9001 mmmth 聴きたい~ in reply to Nia9001 #
  • Kirei na akio, you make my week every time #
  • asdfkgjhdkfjh COTARL... #
  • ima nara chou moerundkdo 帝国鬼道×2期お | うゆ #pixiv http://t.co/KK22OEx #
  • more yocchin and nojinii action in inazuma eleven is always welcome <3 ~;;; I dunno what I'm going to do when 4th series starts... T_T; #
  • Gouenji mo wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww #
  • nintama x inazuma eleven CM wwwwwwwwww kidou again wwwwwwwwwwww http://wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/anime-nintama/flv/cm_collabo.flv #
  • Rococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococococo!! #
  • wwwwww Honey and Clover: Art School Confidential http://t.co/YhzV5VV via @youtube #
  • @Nia9001 http://twitpic.com/40bxmg - Ooo, purty :D~~ in reply to Nia9001 #
  • Still thinking of a site name... XD;;;; http://inazuma.pmsinfirm.org/ #
  • May the seiyuu love be everlasting <3 ~~~ Thank you so much @hibikiforum for the amazing community we have! \o/ #
  • it looks so purty when flooded like that 83~ #
  • #
  • @CoughDrops nani?? in reply to CoughDrops #
  • Dr. Wang you are the coolest instructor ever in this departmentttttttttttttttttt sukiyanennnnnnnn #
  • Level E is an excellent supplement until Gintama comes back in April ... XD; #
  • @ExKage Really? wtf ew. Has he always had that ROC part under his location? in reply to ExKage #
  • @ExKage replied 8| in reply to ExKage #
  • @ExKage otakumen are terrible in reply to ExKage #
  • @bearfuzz tennen perm tenpa Tenma~ 8D~ I love how they point out strawberry trap's... trap factor in his character description on site XD in reply to bearfuzz #
  • strawberry trap looks wonderful as ever #
  • http://www.inazuma.jp/go/ it's open~ #
  • @shinraisei yay ~~~~ in reply to shinraisei #
  • And please, more people to report this review as inappropriate please -.-; This loser didn't even watch the movie. http://v.gd/zsGoCv #
  • support, only $20 \o/ Mine arrives later today hopefully~ | Summer Wars [Blu-ray] Blu-ray http://t.co/ixuTb83 via @amazon #
  • http://t.co/2X9mupq kore mo ( >w<)b ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #
  • http://t.co/Q6ni255 http://t.co/0jFX6AA http://t.co/ZzlE963 http://t.co/n5XtpJ6 this overload of future fudou/kidou, m-mymymymy heart #
  • @Donnimon Their dep't handles graduating audits for their students so they should know when those students are planning to take the class! in reply to Donnimon #
  • @Donnimon yup. They say I should contact them to move up from the waitlist but wtf why not just open seats according to how many qualify :| in reply to Donnimon #
  • @Donnimon this is how illogical the whole department is~~~..... argh in reply to Donnimon #
  • @Donnimon err the thing is it's THE last class, everyone taking it graduates afterwards Xd in reply to Donnimon #
  • @Donnimon The department KNEW this would happen and there would be enough for another section, but it's unnecessary stress imo T___T; in reply to Donnimon #
  • summer wars bluray shipped earlier today~ #
  • AGH, waitlisted for the last class I have to take to graduate. wtf. wtf wtf. well, it should work out, but wtf wtf wtf #
  • Woke up today with lina snuggling my head. 一番いいところで~ It's not as cold today. Happy Valentine's <3 ~ #
  • @Nia9001 XDDDDD nattoku dekita~ in reply to Nia9001 #
  • totally would not have bought it if not required for class... but ugh, I have to write a 6-pg case study review on it + take-home midterm #
  • after reading that dry case study that was not worth $6 to read (up yours, Harvard, you had typos in it too), new inaGO pv otanoshimi desu~ #
  • Finished case 4 for gyakuten kenji 2... lazy to start the 5th one. mmm XDDD #
  • 愛をこめて 心を言葉にすれば気持ちは伝わるんだ! 愛をこめて 心を一つにすれば みんな仲間になれるんだ! 思い出せよ! 僕らは幸せになるために生まれてきたんだ!! そうだろ!? #
  • #
  • FudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouがFudouが T-Pistonz+KMC 『僕らのゴォール!』 PV http://t.co/W1rmts3 #
  • buu that vid was supposed to go up a couple days ago but youtube failed it again XD #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video -- Inazuma Eleven 117 CMs Mata ne no Kisetsu + Bokura no Goal http://youtu.be/86o7bw-50so?a #
  • @Nia9001 LOL. Just because they're in their mid 30s and not like teeniebopper 17 orz How old's your niece? in reply to Nia9001 #
  • @satsukizu actually we've been bedshipping quite a bit these days XDDDD; in reply to satsukizu #
  • @KiyoTheHusky w00t w7! in reply to KiyoTheHusky #
  • I get lonely for romance around this time of year and never associate it with valentine's until it suddenly hits me randomly.. like now~ #
  • Tonight's dinner was pig feet, lotus root, lily stems, and oozy kelp seaweed XD; There was some normal food, but who cares about that?! #
  • New LJ Entry: [talk] Seiyuu blab, Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13: Feeding the voice fetish:For the fun of... http://bit.ly/dWZpZY #
  • New LJ Entry: Twitter archive 2011-02-06 to 2011-02-12: Originally published at . You can comment here or there.... http://bit.ly/gNOmTl #
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