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[talk] Inazuma Eleven current top ratings wwww

Go for freedom, Egypt!!
Happy Lunar New Year!
Everyone caught in natural disasters... hang in there! FIGHT! Come to Michigan because we've had the least of it

[inazuma eleven]
Current top 10 eps according to TV viewership (up to ep 116):

#1: 90話  帝国の呪縛!前編!! 6.2%
#2: 76話  代表交代!?最強の挑戦者たち! 6.1%
#3: 94話  立ちはだかる要塞 6.0%
#4: 86話  驚愕!これが世界レベルだ!! 5.8%
#4: 104話 最強タクティクス!カテナチオカウンター!! 5.8%
#4: 106話 最後の決戦!影山零治!! 5.8%
#7: 50話  うなれ!正義の鉄拳!! 5.7%
#7: 72話  ビッグウェイブを乗り越えろ! 5.7%
#7: 105話 熱闘!円堂VSフィディオ!! 5.7%
#10: 101話 激突!虎と鷹!! 5.6%
#10: 107話 じいちゃんの最後のノート! 5.6%

\o/ EP 90 BANZAI!!!! \o/

From IRC~ #Ryuu-Rogue @ irc.rizon.net ftw
< Splash> ohh interesting someone rounded up the most popular inazuma eps according to TV viewership xD;
< exKage> !!!! WHICH
< exKage> fubuki ep?
< Splash> actually that's not even top 10 xD;
< Splash> #1 90話  帝国の呪縛!前編!! 6.2%
< exKage> xD
< Splash> TEIKOKU
< exKage> TEIKOKU
< Splash> that's funny since the first half of that is recap too
< Splash> AND FUDOU
< exKage> FUDOU
< Splash> Fudou and Kidou making suspicious looks at each other and ratings soar pufufu
< exKage> wwwww

Of course despite all this, the TV ratings should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt because a lot of things affect them and make them swing up and down like crazy. I'd roughly guess the average for Inazuma Eleven is right at 5%, which puts it on the top 10 lists sometimes or not. But considering EVERY show with higher ratings than it has run for MANY, MANY years longer, it's a feat. ;D


Lots of news in the gaming world lately. 3DS and NGP and yadayada. I've never bought a console at launch date and have never regretted it, so that'll be that. Pfft~
I've started Gyakuten Kenji 2 but will have to take some large breaks during it for other things. XD; Like Inazuma Eleven Ogre novel~~ mmm ♥ And real life orz

Tales of Graces F was announced for North America release. The PR people running it have terrible grammar though... it grates my brain. Anyway, US buyers with a PS3, show your support! I'm sticking with the original version only, but if more people in the US discover the awesomeness of the PS3 Tales titles (and ween a bit off the overrated Squenix ones >_>), then mission accomplished.
I've started on my second playthrough for Graces F, and probably will go for the third in the far future, since that's needed to properly get the grade upgrades. IT'S SO GOOD.
Third playable character was announced for Tales of Xillia. Sugita Tomokazu voice.~ More to come down the line, no doubt. Vesperia had 9, Graces F has 7. I'll laugh if they just go straight down the line with 8 or something.

Anyway, the rest is told in sporadic posts in Majinken! Pwee!
Stress management, CHECK! o>
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