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[talk] Female gamerrrrrrr ...and a dream about Akio orz

Lack of Hope icons 8| I really should go make some of my own sometime or something.
Or you can help! 8D FFXIII cutscenes complete in high quality if you're interested~

I totally blame this all on watching amazing loving Radio Misty events and then starting up Vitamin X again. XD; I'm saddened the dream was so short though.
I was in a class with FUDOU AKIO... Apparently getting ready for gym or such. As the female class rep, I had to go unlock one of the equipment rooms for a later activity, but then found out I couldn't find my copy of the key. Turns out Fudou was the male rep despite his personality xD;; I approached him nervously in class and asked if I could borrow his key, and to my pleasant surprise he did so (in his usual tsundere fashion). kya~n.
Afterwards, I came back into the classroom to find that they were in the middle of some class activity and I couldn't get back to Akioooo, who was sitting at his desk around the middle of the mess. I got his attention and made a cool throw of the keys to hand them back, and he smiled at me and I did a big huge YATTA in my dreambrain and my cheeks felt the moeeee, and I don't know whyyyyyyyyyyy. k...kakkoyokatta akio. I even woke up because I had to go to the bathroom and I swear we were in class again when I went back to sleep, except I don't remember anything else that happened that time. Uhaaa.

Squenix game trailers for the XIII series (go do your own searches on youtube or whatever because squenix is having a party trying to take down the "leaks")
Versus - Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Noctis, Miyano Mamoru and Kakihara Tetsuya~ I REALLY hope the battle system is something better than the Kingdom Hearts clone I could see from interface. KH bores me for an action RPG >_>;
XIII-2 - Was surprised they were actually going with this when I heard they'd registered the domain for it. I totally LOLed at Lightning's warrior getup and back-to-back with TALL MAN. But I won't care much for this game if Hope isn't significantly in it 8| Need my Kajikaji~~
Either way, not preordering another squenix game ever unless I have an incredibly good reason to >_>; That's what I learned from XIII.
Type-0/Agito - Fujiwara Keiji. KAJI YUUKI. PLAYING ANOTHER WHITE-HAIR PRETTY BOY. A bit older this time. I would probably play it just for him at this point. And that person who did a grunt, I will lol if that turns out to be OnoD. Snow/Hope combi?

And while I'm on the subject of games... This is "old" nao but EH \o/ forgot to LJ about it earlier.
(series 4 spoilers)

Usually I don't care for this kind of language use but

Oh yeah, I was off by seven years... XD; I'll get those calendar requests up next chance I use the scanner. Might be a while.

Lastly... I got the BLUE ROSES ~Yousei to Aoi Hitomi no Senshitachi~ OST for those interested~ Honestly I forgot who else was even playing this game >_>;
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