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[talk] In which I do some classic product placement

Anime/Manga/Game stuff sale has been updated again~

( ̄∀ ̄;)
My heart is feeling a lot of renewed love for Inazuma Eleven these days <3 ~ Not that it waned in the first place XD;

For any Inazuma Eleven fan, I HIGHLY recommend the Zen Senshu Meikan books. There are currently two of them out right now, and it should be noted that every page is in all-color!!!

Book 1 | Book 2

They are a lot like the Digimon Memorial book in that they're chock-full of clean and useful official art, except that they're each the size of a volume of manga which makes them easier to carry around. Biggest bonus goes to the entire book being in all-color though.
Each book is the price of a volume of manga as well (less than $7 before shipping), so extra kudos to that!

CDJapan has also listed the Inazuma Eleven Movie Postcard book which are postcards of the images used for the ending sequence. You can see the images at nicovideo. It's quite wonderful~
However, I ended up doing a procurement option earlier to get them from kinokuniya because I wanted to get the Ogre movie novel too, but I think in the end it would've been just as time-efficient and actually cheaper to go through the book request option at CDJapan. Kinokuniya, even though their shipping is cheap, they mark up their prices ridiculously for the procurement (a 700 yen book ended up being $13). Unfortunately, it took me too long to figure this out and I can't cancel from them. I'll just note this for the future.

Pash January 2011 scans:

I didn't feel like scanning/piecing together the pullout poster version of the Fidio/Endou/Gouenji pic, but I'll probably go ahead and do it later if someone wants me to. XD;

Yuu-chan also got me this awesome exclusive Inazuma Eleven calendar from one of the convenient store chains in Japan. She said she figured I was already on top of things when it came to Inazuma merchandise and that I already had the big calendar (in which I replied "y-yessu") so she did her awesome thing :D Convenient stores getting exclusive calendars, why am I not surprised, Japan~

The main bulk of it are images also used in the TCG cards or other merchandise, but the FFI collage is an original for this calendar. The Kidou one is my favorite (Death Zone 2~~~) so I scanned that one up, and Tachimukai for jpwong... XD I can scan up some others by request next chance I get (the thumb image shows all of the pages).

Discography page updates up~
And I really cannot resist: LET THERE BE SEXY OGRES (V.A. Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
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