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[talk] New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions
-Currently have 3 fan creation projects going - Fudou/Kidou fic, sequel for Cycle, and a new ToMaTo doujinshi. I WONDER IF I CAN FINISH ALL THREE IN THE YEAR. I hardly did anything for 2010 now that I think about it...! Except for like the 8-page FDKD... that's it. ahhh
( ゚▽゚) Fudou/Kidou fic is wandering around 35k words atm and the later half is quite vague in my mind still. I have a few clumps pictured here and there, but it's not clicking for me yet. EHH, HOW DO I PROCEED
( ゚▽゚) Cycle sequel, haven't even started on the lemon part I shamelessly want to get in there but I'm still working on the lead-up to it XD;;;
( ゚▽゚) ToMaTo doujinshi is actually at 31 pages right now and I started getting some HUGE brainstorming wave on it the other night and figured out the conclusion I wanted for it as well as many of the inner workings. I'm pretty happy with how it's set up AT LAST, so now I've got something to DRAWDRAW HAPPY! I think I might be able to fit it under 100 pages, but as usual, I'm not going to actively try to cut it down :D Long ago I said I'd try to do it all in color, but definitely not doing that now XD; What I specifically had in mind that needed color, I still plan to do though. THE FREEDOM OF ART \o/
Haiii teaser with my nondescript background work~~ I need to fix things but I probably will take the lazy route still. XD;

-Figure out something with my notebooks... I swear I have so many notebooks of just IDEAS and doodles written all over them and I still have them all in my room because I can't bring myself to dispose of any of them. And they're all random and disorganized. dousuru, kore.

Real life... planning to graduate with my Masters in Public Administration come the end of June, and by then I'll have to complete my capstone paper. I may potentially lurk from fandom for long days because of the upcoming busy semesters. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
And job-searching on top of it all? Ffffffffffffff can the richest 5% and dumb people stop fucking up this economy already? I dunno how people can feel like it's taking a positive turn when it feels to me like something even more drastic has to happen before people become seriously willing to turn things around. China should just buy our entire country at this rate seeing as the US fed government uses 40% DEBT for its yearly funds. :| Maybe I'd rather see that happen than republicans getting control again.
ANYWAY... Argh. Just about all of the (real) jobs I've had I've gotten by being hired on spot and I'm 100% confident none of my employers would say they've regretted hiring me, and in fact they didn't want me to ever leave. But in all cases I needed to because the low pay was just not enough to make it a sustaining career. And scheduling was getting in the way of finding a better career, so I had to leave. I'd get paid just about as much doing commissions I can do on my own selected time anyway. Stable job with worthwhile pay would be niceeeee.

On a happier note, I can't stop listening to OLDCODEX's (Suzuki Tatsuhisa) crossing fate~~ This was used in a Togainu no Chi TV ep but I frankly didn't pay attention to it in there since it was all so poorly animated. XD; It's a suitable song though. For the punk rock emo. Mmm.
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