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[talk] December 2010 anime movie releases and online stuff~~~

nayami your homemade cookies are soooooo awesome, thank you so much!! ♥ They're ALL so yummy~~~ Especially for my chocolate-lover tongue~ My favorite definitely has to be the Orange Peel- and Rosemary-scented Butter Cookies because it's so UNIQUE and I have a weird weakness for citrus + fragrances like that. And butter cookies sdkfjakdjf. It's like a party in the mouth. And the S-shaped Splash cookie really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside just seeing it XD;;;

Finally got in the CDJapan affiliation program! I'd been putting it off for... years >_>; I really appreciate how they've been expanding to other Japanese products besides just Music CDs, especially BOOKS. BOOKs~~~
It's kind of interesting, I think after they looked over my journal they added the G.Addict album to their listing for preorder, since I subscribed to updates on G.Addict... XD
There are apparently some people on my f-list who don't even know the first thing about online shopping despite having used the internet for years and years... XD So honestly, if you want to talk it out, I enjoy talking about online shopping, especially from JP import stores like CDJapan. jpwong and I talk about it pretty frequently on IRC lately, so come join us sometime :D Or LJ comment swapping is really fine too, whatever works. XD

THANK YOU onkei_kun for telling me about the Inazuma Eleven Ogre novel- this excites me as much as the movie itself BOOKS BADDAPESKABAMISTORE COME TO PAPA
劇場版イナズマイレブン 最強軍団オーガ襲来 (小学館ジュニアシネマ文庫) by 冨岡 淳広 http://t.co/O3SX2OR
Also getting the postcard book with the shots from the movie ending. I LOL just at the image descriptions:
奈良シカ TV屋上にて―『宇宙人役は大変でした』Byレーゼ
真・帝国学園グランドにて―『やるねェ鬼道くん』By不動 <- "Not bad, Kidou-kun" by Fudou

Of COURSE the title of Fudou's piece just has to have Kidou's name on it 8D;;;;;; *bangs hands on table in fangirl squee*


[anime blab]
A LOT of anime movies came out on DVD/BD this December, so quick blabs on some:
Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-hen - GINTAMA~~~~ Really didn't care much for how much of it was actually the same from the TV anime version (and cropped to fit on widescreen), but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless since the TV anime version is that awesome anyway. \o/ The newly added scenes were awesome too, of course. Gintama TV coming back in April will be AMAZING \o/

Gundam 00 A wakening of the Trailblazer - Haven't even finished s2 yet so I'll get to this later. XD;; Heh, Sunrise has two movies this year, eh.

Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime - Retelling of the tv series with some interesting story differences. It was well done. Definitely the best animation of the movies I've seen... all year, I would say. They really make good use of the high definition and the TV series animation was nice enough already, but the movie animation is just folds better. The Nyankuri music special is really worth a watch as well. Total animation joygasm.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Phantom Ruler Zoroark - ROFL at the game of Pokemon "Boccer" at the beginning and end. INAZUMA ELEVEN INFLUENCE MUCH, OLM????????????????? Even weirder they used the legendary dogs as the "Raimon Legends" .___.; Weee lots of Paku Romi Pokemon roaring. I wanted to see more malexmale tail touching 8D

Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu - Gave it an 8 on mal.net. Almost 3 hours long. Most of it was really slow like the anime usually is, and then they did some of those freakish slow-mo super high frame-rate movement scenes I didn't care for. But overall it was a nice movie. About as nice as the anime itself, which is... okay. More of the same problem I have with a lot of light novel adaptions, in that the original story never has the guts to make that final leap so that they can stretch out the story for as long as they can make money out of it. I found it interesting someone on mal.net made a rec to Tokikake, because I can see where they got that. But yeah, Haruhi will never take that final leap that tokikake beautifully does. Leap :P Anyway, at least Sugitan's monologues made pleasant background noise while grinding on Inazuma Eleven 3 Ogre XD;

January brings even more anime movies .___.; Like Hetalia...

And although not anime, thanks to yuki_no_kitsune and awesome fellow donators, the Inazuma Eleven Live Action Stage DVD is on its way shipping~~ This will be both scary and loltastic \o/
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