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[talk] Christmas~ with seiyuu ramble XD;

Another (belated) birthday shoutout to onkei_kun >w< !

Oiii Kaji-san XD;

*is slaughtered*

If you're not familiar Kaji Yuuki (left) voices Fudou Akio (right) and Kaji definitely does not have that hairstyle these days. XD;
Pull off the Ichinose hairstyle next :D
Anyway the Kajikaji image is from Lantis site promoting upcoming release of G.Addict's first full album, of which Kaji Yuuki is the figurative lead member. Their music is well... addicting.
I don't know exactly at what point it started, but all of a sudden there's so much nice seiyuu music that it's made me lose most of my interest in those teenybopper J's Entertainment type of groups. I still like a lot of the older catchy JE songs, but um... I just get feel so much happier listening to the seiyuu songs these days. It's amazing how much the seiyuu scene has changed in the recent years. Combining with awesome composition studios of the same scent of the anime world makes it even better~ *eyes Uta no Prince-sama and ElementsGarden and ZiZZ Studio and the like* They're invading the Oricon charts more and more too now, it's awesome.
Singing seiyuu ftw. <3 ~
Should I add some Tatsun songs to The Singing Voices of the Inazuma Eleven cast? Like just my absolute favorites or something, since this man has SOOooo many songs. Mamo currently has the most songs of any of the Inazuma cast I have on the post but I know Tatsun's been singing for even longer XD

People's Xmas card pics are up on DevArt if you haven't seen them yet >w< ~~~ I did all Inazuma fanart this year. xD; Agh, still need to draw so much more.

Hope everyone has a good and safe one!

And I'm gonna end this with a small Fudou Akio pic spam because I can :D

Penguin-gumi banzai \o/ I've been screencapping kirei na Akio way too much lately. THIS... Someone feed me Kidou/Fudou fanfiction for Christmas to make my heart go dokidoki? :D
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