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[talk] Inazuma Eleven DS 3 joy (take 3), fujoshi meme

There are squishy Pfizer penguins on my dad's homedesk.

And a fujoshi meme from a while back:

1:When did you become an otaku (non-yaoi) and a Fujoshi (yaoi)? Answer each respectively.

otaku > Pokemon + Escaflowne. lol I don't feel like talking about this because it's so long ago now.

fujoshi > haha, I believe it was when Paul showed me the slash website for Gundam Wing back when the show was airing on Cartoon Network. I was 11 years old ish then? There was also a site, I think Heeroyuy.net, one with Heero and a... ferret as the splash image. Yeah, pretty strong image in my head. The site is long gone now, though. Things went from there to fics and doujinshi, and then on and on.

2: What was the first series you liked slash for? Please tell the couple.
Gundam Wing 1x2x1 (Heero and Duo)

btw I never actually DID anything in the G-wing fandom, just lurked and read fics/doujinshi. Fandom fujoshi stuff started with Digimon~ (before fujoshi was just strange Pokemon stuff)

3: What was your first actual BL series?
Gravitation. oldddddddd days

4: What is the first BL game you played?
First one I played seriously that I remember is Lamento. There might have been a few shorter ones before that, but eh. Lamento <3 ~

5: What’s the first BL drama CD you bought?
I guess if you want to count the Gravitation CDs my sister got ages back, that's probably it. lololol. so old.

6: When was your first doujin event debut?
Ffft still haven't gone. Comiket, want to go~ I haven't even gone to yaoicon when my friends have. XD;

7: Do you have a doujin site?
Not specifically. Devart account + A separate account for my BL doujinshi but I'm still really casual about it all.

8: Concerning the ‘seme’: Assign them to your preferences.
◎=Something I love! ○=Like relatively well △=Don’t like very much ×= give me a break!
older men → ○
shota → △ <- Despite what I usually fangirl over I don't really associate with the extreme side of this XD;
brutish → ○
pushy → ○
pitiful → ○
devoted → ◎
wild → ○
tsundere → ◎
awkward → ◎
glasses → ◎
Most of this doesn't really matter to me anyway. As long as I could think of a seme I totally love under the category, I love it... but eh XD

9: Concerning the ‘uke’: Assign them to your preferences.
◎=Something I love! ○=Like relatively well △=Don’t like very much ×= give me a break!
older men → ◎
shota → △
queen-type → ○
‘inviting’ type → ○
‘top’ type → ○
devoted → ◎
wild → ◎
tsundere → ◎
pure → ○
glasses → ◎
meganemegane. Same applies as seme

10:Concerning the writing style and situation: Assign them to your preferences.
◎=Something I love! ○=Like relatively well △=Don’t like very much ×= give me a break!
idiots → ◎
dark → ○
salary men → ○
school setting → ◎
childhood friends → ◎
master/servant → ○
period drama → ○
fantasy → ◎
100% homo → ○
threesome, etc. → ○
role reversal → ◎
subordinate overtaking superior → ◎
feminization → △
dialect → ◎
large age difference → ○

(pairing types that fire you up the most)(ex: hetare x queen, subordinate x superior, etc)
- tsundere/devoted x each other 8D
the end

I guess also mixed in there:
- awkward x tsundere
- reserved x wild

12: Please give a type that isn’t in the above list that makes you excited or dissatisfied!
Pairings either click with me or they don't per individual. I don't really think about my pairings in types like this usually so I'm just going to leave it as is. :|

13: Do you currently have any authors that you seek out to buy? (As many people as you want!)
I'm interested in more of Konohara Narise-sensei's works but only if they're like the COLD series or Utsukushii Koto.

14: Around how many of the BL monthly magazines do you buy?
I don't XD

15: Around how many BL comics do you buy each month?
I don't buy monthly XD; But I have the Gravitation manga I'm trying to sell off. G-senjou no Neko and Seven Days are the only other BL manga I have, and Seven Days is only shounen-ai anyway.

16: Currently, what’s the ‘in’ genre (or work)?
Please talk about your thoughts on this trend.

What IS the 'in' trend XD; I listen to BL Dramas more than I read anything BL, and most BL I DO read are fanfics. I don't read much BL, because I'm generally more interested in seiyuu and the kyunkyun vibes they send through soundwaves XD; There's a lot of story and art out there that just doesn't appeal to me. In the case that it DOES hit me, I'll go look towards the original work, as what happened with my few purchases. Even if I edit for all the yaoi anime stuff at aarinfantasy, most of it's really mediocre to me. XD; Could use more Sex Pistols though. 83~

In Closing
17:Please name five people you’ll pass the baton to.
Fujoshi on the f-list~ *lazy*

[inazuma eleven]
Just tacking stuff on~
Near 8-minute preview of the Inazuma Eleven movie that's from the recent issue of CoroCoro magazine~ The resolution is tiny (480x272) but it's still nice, and has quite a lot of the intro in it 8D;;;;
Corocoro special movie preview: http://www.fileserve.com/file/7BT2jNF (raw file)

So uh, I beat Ogre already, went through Dark Angel and also the prologue for the 4th series. Team Ogre made me $@#&% at the GK with over 110 guard and a G3 move before the Italy match, but I actually managed to end that game with 3-0. XD;
Inazuma Eleven DS 3 THE Ogre Gallery Bonus: http://www.mediafire.com/?7ik7g945ouvgytv
My favs~

Eee height charts galore~ Ichinose. XD; I'm sure they had to make sure he wasn't THE shortest in the team.

The setting art is so beautiful~ Until... orz at misspelling International. It's definitely not the first time. ._____.;

Eeee Killer Fields <3 ~ And Charge Through 3 with the Kidou/Fudou pair even though neither of them actually learn this move yappa iiiiii 8D~~~ I wonder if we'll ever get to see it in the anime ♥ (or any of the Charge Throughs, for that matter, but 3 seemed the most um... tame actually) Mm violence. XD;

Continuing from Take 2 and Take 1:

Upon hearing the news about Mr. K...

In a later scene, Fudou rubs in the fact that Italy's coach is gone.

Sakuma scolds Fudou.


Kidou walks off and Fudou goes "Keh, I couldn't stand looking at him blanking out like that."

Endou: "Fudou, you..."


Of course Hiroto's the one to point out that Rococo refers to Endou as "Mamoru".~

Tobitaka on the right...w

This one's from one of the 2ch'ers. This is only in Ogre, and it explains Luca's relation to the story... finally. XD; His dad was Italy's previous coach (Paolo) before Mr. K stepped in, and Paolo acknowledges Mr. K's skills as a coach.
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