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[talk] Inazuma Eleven DS 3 joy (take 1)

Because one week without a new ep gave me odd withdrawal I need to get back to NaNo writing. I think I'm figuring out what's giving me some writer's block though. NEED TO GET TO THE SOCCER BATTOLING TO FULFILL THIS GAP I FEEL
I must expand my mind for this team...~ XDDDD

These two totally came in the same box in the chara pos collection 3 XD~~ Together~~~
Fudou has shoulder and arm muscle~

Some dorking out while slowly replaying game 3:

The others visit while Inazuma Japan practices for the prelims
"Someoka-kun! And everyone else."

This is what convinces me Tobitaka is a third-year (except that the zen senshu meikan 2 book says he's a second-year). The first-year (!) he's refering to in here is Karasu, and the second-year is Suzume... then wouldn't that make Tobitaka a third-year if he's still their senpai (refering to ep 101)? Tsunami can still technically be the oldest in the team, after all, just a bit older than Tobitaka. tteiuka give us birthdates, Pres Hino XD~~~

Back when Fudou makes fun of Toramaru for going home all the time, Hiroto tells Toramaru "Don't bother with him. Not being able to sleep anywhere else except in your own home is pretty cute of you."

And then Endou's like "That's not helping, Hiroto... ・_・"

Gelato-craving Luca
I still do not know the point of this boy's existence in the series besides being Hide's boytoy since you can't recruit this guy whatsoever XD
*edit* With the release of Ogre we FINALLY find out this kid's father is Paolo, the previous coach for Italy before Mr. K stepped in, and his father acknowledges Mr. K's skills as a coach.

Hibiki asks Fudou why he doesn't join in the mud field practice and Fudou already knows what the whole point is~

Akio mommaaaa
Too bad we didn't get to see her this much in the anime. At least we know where he gets his eyes with this. hyuu hyuu

Fusao pixel hair ;;

I felt a very kyunkyun SomeFubu moment out of this ahaha ;; Someoka's all "I'm not gonna let you go crying around while you're working hard through rehab, got it?" It makes me think of this lovely pixiv manga of them skyping TwT

Fudou makes a snide remark about Sakuma finally making it up to the team.

Sakuma tries to push it, but Kidou stops him and Sakuma's like "D8 K-Kidou, What the heck happened while I was gone???"

Other screenshots I don't feel like explaining XD; 1 2 3

Maybe more later~ Again, very slowly replaying through. I'm right up to America match now, but um NEED TO WRITE

I also recorded a couple cutscene sequences I really enjoyed and put 'em up on Mediafire. There's been a user on nicovideo who I think is playing the entire 3rd game??? But with all his audio commentary so it's a bit of a distraction. XD;

"Airport to Liocott Spark" is what the title means, Spark version. Tsunami freaking out about the airplane ride 8D; I cut the video sequence out since I'm planning to encode those separately... eventually. Plus some parts from Spark's side that I don't remember seeing at all on Bomber since Spark focuses on Fidio and Bomber focuses on Rococo. I played through Bomber first, so I didn't see Rushe until right up to the Italy match (like the anime did), I do believe.

"Italy and Fudou" is a 10:45 segment where you don't get any main event battles. I only now just realized I had the last 5 minutes repeated, gomen... x_X; I even cut off a few minor in-between sequences, interrupted Mr. K's voiced line (accidentally, because I don't have audio on when I'm recording), and it's still so long lol. XD; Anyway, D's entrance and FUDOU/KIDOU SLAP and the piano bgm track I can't wait to hear in the anime hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I'm kind of surprised they haven't used it yet tbh. They must be saving it up~

Self note: Kouli for Tales of Graces F guide~
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