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[meme] The 14 Day Inazuma Meme (In One Post!)

Hope everyone had a good Halloween~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, gokumew2!!

Ganking from d_s_unit

The 14 Day Inazuma Meme (In One Post!)

1. Your top five favorite characters:
Fubuki, Kidou, Fudou, THE REST IS REALLY HARD TO DECIDE but I guess for now Tachimukai and Tsunami XDDDDD

2. An episode that really affected you:
Mmm actually this is a bit difficult as well because while a lot of eps affected me in small ways, the only "episode" that REALLY REALLY got to me was within the DS games. That's where I've cried and my heart was taken away. ^^;
But overall, I think I would say ep 17 has the longest lasting impression on me in its entirety. Mostly the intro with Haruna, Kidou's reaction to the Zeus game, Endou rushing over to Teikoku and encountering Kidou, Endou's visit to Kidou's place, CHIBI KIDOU... and the epic soccer between Kidou and Gouenji near the end. Also, the end. Really, that whole freaking ep. Wonderful. I'm actually quite saddened the main staff for that ep hasn't teamed up to do another ep since, or for some, even worked on more Inazuma in general apparently. It's like these people came in to do one-time miracles in the earlier eps of the series to give it an awesome beginning XD Not saying the later eps aren't just as good, but yeah, I'd love to see more of that higher grade stuff~~~

3. The most memorable quote for you:
"Let's be like the wind."

Or the obvious SAKKAA YAROU ZE
OKAY \o/

4. The soccer match you liked most:
Korea match, hands down. I also thoroughly enjoyed the final match against Genesis, and also America. Oumihara is also memorable because I really liked the ball handling animation in that one XD I loved the Italy match in the game because of GOGGLES, but I really need to see it through the anime's version of the end and let it settle in my mind (with a few more rewatches XDDD) before I can really reflect on it.

5. A favorite pairing (or two or three or several):
copy/paste from pimp post list because HAH
Anything in the Break group~~~

And moar:
I can still keep going but you'll have to push me (easy to do when it comes to Inazuma XD)

6. A character you wish were (or were not) on Inazuma Japan:
Were: Midorikawa, Nakatani XD
Problem is I'd feel terrible to replace any of the ones that are on the team now so... yah~

7. The 11 players that would be on your I11 dream team:
Kidou, Fudou, Fubuki, Genda, Tachimukai, Tsunami, Hiroto, Gouenji, Someoka, Sakuma, Mark
^ Note ridiculous fujoshi intentions in this setup
Mark's spot is flexible though. Like... I'd switch him around with Kazemaru, Handa, Max, Midorikawa, Toramaru, Tobitaka, Nakatani, Captain, chaos break trio, etc depending on my mood. I'd be terrible like that. Well, I do that in the game too. Heck, I change my team all the time in the game...
I'M SORRY ENDOU but I need a Genda and Tachimukai takes my shota points XD; Endou can... be the cheerleader or something orz Although I am still using him on my team in the games quite a bit. mmm.
WHATEVER THIS IS HARD and even if I had the extra 5 on bench that I should be getting, I'd still be switching around all the time like butt
I enjoy leveling up the Grade moves

8. Your favorite group and solo hissatsu techniques:
Inazuma Break

Ryuusei Blade

THESE ONES ARE SPOILERS GALORE but really my ultimate favorites:
From the game, in SP Fixers uniform >w< ~

9. Your favorite OP/ED songs:
Fav OP:
I love all the ops really, but the opening for Fire gives me the best memories (this and the original mix):

Fav ED:
I gotta admit, it is a STRONG tie now...
Ed 3

Ed 5

And I LOVE ED 6 but I am saddened Ed 5 didn't last longer XD; Ed5 only lasted for 12 eps and it's so hottttt (literally)!

10. How you would summarize I11 to someone who didn't know the series:
I'm pretty comfortable with d_s_unit's sum:

I'd like to add that although animated by the same studio that does Pokemon, unlike Pokemon, it actually follows a continuous and engaging plot instead of being filled with hundreds of pointless episodes :P

11. One thing you would change about I11 if you were one of the creators:
I'd add more subtext like as happened in ep 55. XD;;; But that's probably as far as I'd go in terms of pairing fodder in the actual anime (THIS IS A SHOUNEN SHOW ORZ). I like to see the fandom flourish on those kind of things though. 8D
Coinciding with that subtext, this means more off-field interaction and characterization \o/... And I wouldn't need full episodes dedicated to it, because I like it mixed in with the drama of the mini and longer arcs that Inazuma involves itself in so wonderfully. ♥ I don't think I'd touch much in the actual matches since the pacing on those are just at the right place imo XD;
A perfect opportunity for these character moments would be the ventures to the stadiums, since in the games they make you go through mini mazes/dungeons just to get to them XD; They aren't even particularly challenging-- just something to make sure you get a bit of grinding done before the next match imo. My first thought on the FFI ones was... do all the people in the stands have to go through these mazes too?!?!? lololol. Apparently they do, according to the people up on Yamaneko stadium. RPGs are amusing. But yeah, the anime could use more context that the games have. It'd only make things better and even more engaging :D

12. Five characters and what they'd be doing if not involved with soccer:
Fubuki: Fighting over some shared crush with his brother
Gouenji: Would've had a PhD and gone searching for a cure for his ill sister *runs*
Hiroto: Stargazing back in Sun Garden, searching for his star~
Kageyama: .......

Oops. owo;;;
I'm reminded of If there were no tragedies in Inazuma... (3rd season spoilers sky high, it's all in Japanese though)

13. One character you wouldn't mind dating:

^ still abide by this

14. What got you into I11 and what keeps you into it:
Level-5 and the game. 最初から真っ直ぐで自分勝手だったよ~ん。XD;
From the art meme I did (with over 9000 details still left out), I forgot exactly WHERE I first saw it, but even before the first game came out, I had been following the early trailers from gaming sites. Savers was still high on my mind back then and I was on a total Nojima Hirofumi high because of Tohma~~♥, and I kept wondering and wondering for so long if Gouenji was voiced by him, but I couldn't tell from the short lines he had from the poor sound quality of the trailers and game cutscene encoding. I still remember the moment when I saw his name in the ending credits for the game and I was like O____________O~ hoping in the back of my mind that the series would get animated, because while I was playing the game, I kept thinking the series was so suited to be turned into an anime.

And... then the anime was officially announced. I started it back then but couldn't really get into it for the longest time. I kept up with downloading the raws and kept them on my hard drive for AGES. I did manage to watch through the first season (1-26) once, but again, had only watched it once without paying much attention so it didn't make much of an impression on me.

And then when I saw the second game was out, I played it because I TOTALLY hadn't been following that a second game was coming out, and it took me by surprise. So I played it and LOVED IT. This is where it really started to bloom.

When I mentioned I'd been keeping up with downloading the raws, the anime was at around ep 53 or so when I started marathoning after playing game 2 (ep 51-52 special aired when game 2 came out). So I had like 27 eps sitting on my hd to catch up with. Kind of how I had 50 eps of precure sitting on it at the same time. But I'm not into precure even after watching those 50 still, lol. Anyway, things Katamari-balled from catching up with the anime.

Yeah. Those are just a few more of the details that led up to this point. Still over 9000 details left out. \o/

More is in the pimp post and everything else in my walls of tl;dr Inazuma Eleven tag for now XD
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