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[talk] Just a few Inazuma perks

Shhh... I'm still on art hiatus orz

FFI height chart comparison - I still moe at things like how tall Rococo actually is compared to Endou and Natsumi. You can accompany these charts from the ones thumbed from Animage

Also the Kidou here in the lineart for the Kidou vehicle makes me lol with joy. ♥

Argh there's a lot of stuff I need to scan up, but I haven't had the time because of real life and such and such. It's towards the bottom of my to-do list so I need to get a whole bunch of things on that list done before I can get to the rest of these lineart books. XD;

I do want to mention that the female character designer Inoue Yuuko is responsible for most of those hot casual outfits these guys wear <3 ~ Including Kidou's, Sakuma's, Kazemaru's, Domon's, Ichinose's, Midorikawa's, of course everything in Maji Bomber Ed... some more but I'll have to look through. XD Her role really is to do the "cool" side 8D~~~ and the super moe chibis like chibi Hiroto and Ulvida XD;

So um...
To-do lists!
Online stuff:
-NaNoWriMo! Who else is doing it this year? I don't have as much confidence about actually making the goal this time but that's okay >_>
-Onmyou Taisenki DVD subs
-STA☆MEN stuffs 8D
-Other secret stuff~
-All the stuff at the bottom

Real life:
-Still looking for a steady job =.=; *swings fist at economy*
-Class work and studying
-Wasting 4 hours every week on the road just for these night classes, 6 hours come next semester. Oh god next one is definitely going to be the hardest semester ever >_>;
Tags: series - inazuma eleven
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