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[talk] External Blu-ray Writer? / Inazuma Eleven movie RAVE


$130 for an ASUS USB 2.0 6x Blu-Ray Combo External Optical Drive SBC-06D1S-U (Black) (after rebate), y/n?
efff it doesn't write blu-ray. Anyone know a good deal for an external bluray writer? T_T

I don't have any bluray movies I want to work with yet, but I'm docking on the very slim hope that the Inazuma Eleven movie (coming to Japan's theaters in December) will get a bluray release. And if it does, I'll need a blu-ray reader by then for encoding.

The rebate offer only lasts until the end of the month, so I can either get it for the $130 price or wait for like... say 6 months to see if I even NEED a blu-ray writer (by the wide chance the movie only gets a blasphemous dvd release), then see if there's an improved model for a better price or to that effect.
Then again I could use the nice upgrade on archiving things (25gb discs and all). Be a little greener by using less discs in general, be more organized by having more files in the same place, spend less money per disc:space ratio and all that good stuff too >_>; I think likely I'll end up getting it anyway because of this, unless someone gives me a convincing reason not to. orz *waves a sadface goodbye to the good deal*

And I'm not going to buy just a blu-ray reader (without the write function) because that's just a waste of money.

I'mma wait another 6 months or so since I can. XD


[inazuma eleven]
And on fandom note...


And totally eeee at how he's been following Level-5 and playing all the Inazuma Eleven games and how he's really happy to get this opportunity. Of course, Mr. Famitsu TV host xD;

Before, I assumed like a lot of people did that the role was Nakamura Yuuichi (again~) from DEATH SPEAR (after 1 min) in the trailer, but now I can definitely hear the Kamiyan. XD;

Admired this man ever since his role as Kouji in Digimon Frontier way back in 2002, followed him through his peak of being an awesome porn star in BL dramas and big breaks for his career like Honey & Clover, was sooo effing worried for him when he got caught in a traffic accident and had to go on hiatus, was filled with so much ♥♥♥ when his first anime role back in the business was Digimon Savers's Craniummon, having good times seeing his success as top seiyuu for 2009 and the popular deargirlstories, and he's back to nibble at my happiest fandoms evar again, so happy \o/ Working with Takuya Takeuchi Junko again, this time as enemies dohoho~ 8D

and now I see some good seiyuu crack Taiketsu NEO2 Kamiya Hiroshi VS Yoshino Hiroyuki 「aoiharu to koinokizuato」 so I will head off to listen to that as soon as I get a chance w00000t. Looks like someone subbed some of the really cracky stuff from it for others who want to enjoy \o\
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