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Start of September...
Which means classes again T_____T; Tuesday classes are in Lansing again, and unless I luck out with something I'll have another class in Lansing next semester too. Maybe Battle Creek TOO. wtf...... I dunno how I'll survive -w-
I've finished up my internship at the local Chamber here, so now I'm back on the jobsearch train along with the other 10% of the US citizens who've filed for unemployment and who knows what other percent are actually unemployed but don't qualify for unemployment (like me) argh.

Going to go with this Inazuma Eleven layout to see if I like the colors enough. I miss the greens already, but I have a thing for sky colors these days. \o/

Speaking of colors, I've been using the Tenipuri bag regularly these days when I go out (without my laptop), mostly because Lina sleeps on both of the other bags I tend to use these days (the rainbow and Borgess Volunteer ones), and I'm too lazy to clean off the shedded fur just yet. I like them all because of the colors. The Borgess and Tenipuri ones have the same colors- red, white, and blue, the colors of the US flag. And the other is a rainbow one from way back when my sister got it for me in Taiwan. Rainbow = Instant win. XD;

tte iu ka seiyuu
Please for more combining of awesome composers with awesome voice talents \o/ I have to be honest, I've been getting very tired of the mediocrity of most of the traditional male idol group songs these days >_>; SO LET THE SEIYUU TAKE OVER DOHOHO

So yeah, for some reason I can't help but put the Uta no☆Prince-Sama♪ songs (Terashima Takuma, Suzumura Ken'ichi, Taniyama Kishou, Miyano Mamoru, Suwabe Jun'ichi, Shimono Hiro) on repeat these days, they're so catchy, especially the S-class group song, 無限のトリニティ. ElementsGarden + Hot seiyuu goodness \o/
Ever since Messiah, I've been mini-stalking ElementsGarden~

But waaah I gotta find out how to unlock the Hard Mode for the DDR-minigame for the PSP game After this, I lol'ed after finding out there was another tab I could just switch to to find the Hard Mode =w=:
A-class group song, 永遠のトライスター

If you're registered and have access on Hibiki, you can check out the UtaPri songs here and some more here~

There's also a video from the same user doing 無限のトリニティ on Hard Mode and struggling quite a bit. sasuga S-class. Lol, it's so hard that even the official user for the company who produced the game can't demonstrate it well? XD My favorite thing about the DDR mini-game in this game is that you're actually CREATING the rhythm when you press the buttons. Unlike other DDR-style games where the music is no different even if you make mistakes or you're adding beats to the original piece (like Osu!), you're playing parts of the original piece with this one. I like that especially because you can really hear when you're making mistakes and thus learn how to fix them. XD

During the story mode you can only play with the midi-mix, but in the extra mode, you can optionally have the voiced songs to play along with instead, good option.

There's one more ElementsGarden song for UtaPri on Mamo's recent album WONDER, titled 蒼ノ翼.

I was also stoked to find out Miyano Mamoru is voicing Dento, the green-haired guy replacing Takeshi/Brock in the upcoming Pokemon Best Wishes anime. It's enough to make me want to watch regularly, even through Pokemon's 95% pointless filler. :|

Although I get the feeling animation studio OLM is taking a big leaf off of Inazuma Eleven's success for the upcoming series. Mamo being one indication, Team Rocket FINALLY getting a clothes change, even if it's just a fucking color variation =w=, but just the overall aura is giving me the feeling. XD; It's not a very big anticipation however, since I'm sure it's still going to be another 3 tedious long years of Satoshi not getting any closer to becoming a Pokemon Master.
I'll stick with President Hino's cheesy but HEART-FILLED Inazuma Eleven storylines kthx :D

Okay, now I'm digressing to the inevitable subject, so...

[inazuma eleven]
omg at all the wonderful doujinshi shares at inazuma_11

And lastly...

Inazuma Eleven Meme Colored
by ~splashgottaito on deviantART
Fubuki's on it five times Xd;
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