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[talk][meme] New and old updates gathered up throughout the month

Omg Inazuma Eleven icons plz to take over
Playing soccer with capes ftw

First, a fansub shoutout... >_>;
ANY EXPERIENCED TIMERS INTERESTED IN TIMING POKEMON BEST WISHES? That's all the team is missing. Weekly commitment would be best, but I'm... willing to take on the other half if you can do bi-weekly. By experienced, you should know what you're doing and probably be able to time an ep properly in like half an hour or less. XD; I'm at that stage at least. I guess it's okay if you need more time though. As long as you're committed.
It's not for Ryuu-Rogue, but there are some similar ties in the staff and those ones are good people whom I've worked with for a long time.

Yen to dollar exchange rates, I hate you dearly these days. So very much. *sobs*

Anime sale post updated with lots of new stuff!! Lots of Durarara!!, Hetalia, K-On!, and Sengoku Basara stuff mostly. I may need to spam communities at some point because my poster pile is getting large. XD;

I've also been removing some of the posters around my room... FINALLY... and replacing them with printouts of Inazuma Eleven fanart. Really. XD; Ledger size paper (11 inches x 17) ftw.

You can hardly see it unless you look at the full size, but I did a quick cutout for Inazuma Blue ♥ ~
And I just noticed that music festival ribbon on the raccoons is my sister's lololol. Shows how much I actually bother with some parts of my walls

Not much in this month's Animage for Inazuma Eleven except more teasers for the drama CD which I am patiently waiting to receive from animate/pet service to listen to fffffff I can't wait \o/

I lol'ed at 6 out of 9 of the cast saying Kidou was the highlight of the CD, and mention of Fubuki's doS. kininaru~~~
Kaji Yuuki (Ichinose) and Konno Jun (Domon) in the next issue <3 ~ I know they're going to focus on America stuff, but I want to read about Fudou too. 8D
Anyway, they're doing a second pressing of the drama CD at the official shop because of the popularity, so I hope that goes well \o/! After that, thinking about putting rips up, but I'm really liking the idea of waiting for them to sell out first. Let them know we want more cds!

Been updating Majinken! with some more Otome games and spicing up the PS3 game reviews.

But for this post I even more want to say...
Check it HERE
Des^ did all the encoding, I did all the timing (warning- some of it is really sloppy because scene-timing with 720p h264 raws is not fun, so I let a lot of bleeds go by), typesetting, and editing of the translated scripts provided on the forum (the translations at the end started getting pretty terrible).
Each chapter averages 30 minutes (some even longer), so it's like watching a 13-episode series... (actually a bit longer). If this hyped-up-like-final-fantasy-always-is game has any winning quality that shouldn't be missed, it's possibly in the cutscenes, SO WATCH~~~~ This is really the role that got me into Kaji Yuuki, even before Inazuma Eleven took over my brain and boosted it over 9000 XD; Hope~~~~
The softsubs end up almost 10gb, and I'm also downloading the hardsub version to play on the PS3 too. XD


Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why
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