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[talk] Inazuma Eleven stuffage <3 ~, Tales movement

^Description click @ devart XD; */lazy*

Annnnnnnnnnd goodies that came in the mail this week :D~~~

-The purty Square Enix postcards were free for being a bronze member on their US site; sadly, I have more points for the JP system and they're separate :| But not like the higher tiers for Squenix NA are even worth it XD The JP system has so many more goodies... I may have to cash in while Pet's still there. I can't imagine myself buying another jp squenix game, unless FF13 Versus blows my mind away (with its cast list or something www). Who knows how far off that is though. And me being smart, I spilled a little water on them and didn't wipe them off in time, and it bled through the gloss stock. Fortunately only the Star Ocean 4 one has a bit of damage on the empty space, which I cleverly hid from the pic. =w= Whatever. FREE STUFF YAY
-Inazuma Eleven lineart books. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Each one is 88 pages each, and as suspected, one-sided sheets. I didn't realize they'd be book-binded (even though now that I think about it, they're marked under the "book" section on the inazuma shop site XD)-- I kind of hoped they'd be in a box-type setup so the sheets could be separated easier. kore ja shiryou ni narenaittsu no~ But I may try scanning? At least privately for now, I'd like to see them get sold out on animate before I set them out into the open (inazuma shop has pretty much sold them out already). There are some certainly interesting tidbits in there of course~
Either way, scanning will take quite a while, especially if I want to keep the binding as intact as possible. XD;
The third one as I feared doesn't get very detailed besides the prelims and captains for the FFI teams. It's honestly a bit wasted on Neo Japan because it's just characters from the other books in the Neo Japan uniforms XD; Maybe they'll release a 4th book with the rest of the FFI goodies?

Taken with terrible webcam quality, but... Lina. ~~~
And not cats, but animalssss XD; We've had a frequent bunny visitor who wanders around our lawn, I've seen it at least two or three times a week for the past month. It eats the leaves that fall into our lawn (the good part), and also eats our tiny little garden (uuuu). It's been fishing through the bird feeder food lately though~ It literally just sat around the area for like half an hour. XD; Yoyuu~ 平和です。

150 hours on Tales of Vesperia PS3, shhhhhhh. And Majinken! updated with it.
Over long-term contemplation, it's so much more worth it than Final Fantasy XIII, as much as I liked that one too. XD;

There's apparently some big movement going on to get Namco to stop trolling its fanbase and bring more Tales games, including ToV PS3, overseas.

Lol timely poll: http://www.gamefaqs.com/poll/index.html?poll=3995 (am surprised they even put Digimon on the poll options, but I absolutely had to vote Tales for this. Two different levels of effort thar, lawl)
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