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[talk] August 1st

<- wonderful treasures from lj posters >w< ~ Thank you noonish~ hurrr legsofgod too.

Happy Odaiba Memorial~ And also art project of the month...~

8/1 - Fudou x Genda
8/8 - Fudou x Fudou
8/10 - Fudou x True Teikoku Fudou
8/14 - Fudou x Kidou
8/16 - Fudou x Sakuma

Month of Fudou Akio for Inazuma Eleven. ^p^
Going along with this pixiv along with adding 8/10, maybe more down the line but I dunno? XD;

petshopmistress got me to get an account at tinierme.com =w=~~~ So you can find me there as SplashTOMATO. I've also got a male account at Fubuki Shirou. ;D~ ADD ME, I NEED FRIENDS THERE. XD Or if you want an invite, let me email you one because you get extra chibi coins if you join through an invite and all.~
At the rate things are going, it might completely take over most of my (lack of) activity at GaiaOnline. Ugh, the disorganization of Cash Shop items. Take it, the Gacha system is just as messy. But at least it's a newer system and has some better things set on base. And the flash vector avatars are so wonderful~ It's the same company that did the MMO Trickster.
Tags: gaia, series - inazuma eleven, tinierme
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