Splash (splash) wrote,

[talk] Inazuma Eleven 30-Meme, Part 7/10

19. Character you’d like to go karaoke with

Fubuki. So I can get Miyano Mamoru going LINDA LINDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
I LOVE onkei_kun's idea of Kaji Yuuki's Fudou though 8D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He'd be GREAT fun. Pokemon getto daze! iyan~

20. Character you wouldn’t mind having as your butler/maid

...I think Hiroto would make a super hot butler, personally. Especially in his old hairstyle~ *runs*
And Edgar too w00t \o/ Although Sugita Tomokazu using formal speech kind of grosses me out tbh XD; I'd be more comfortable with his gin-san manners~

21. Character you’d have in your party if you were in a RPG

Kazemaru (left). Not only is he the faithful one to join from the start, he's fast and good offensively, and he'll pull off awesome new moves before the thought even comes to your mind. l33t. Benri desuuuuu. BANANA SHOoooooooooot
Defender position, wut? IT'S A DISGUISE
Tags: meme, pimping, series - inazuma eleven
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