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[talk] Inazuma Eleven 30-Meme, Part 6/10

Nojima Hirofumi (Tohma)'s lover is Nakai Kazuya (Gaomon) => 野島裕史の恋人は『中井和哉』です。 http://shindanmaker.com/5873

And more Inazuma Eleven meme~
See part 1 for the full questions list~

Inazuma Eleven 30-Meme Part 6/10

17. Your OTP

For pretty much the same reasons onkei_kun said so wonderfully ♥
Also... I have to be honest, I've had a crush on a big bald guy before. He didn't have as much of a frightening face as Someoka of course, but... It's really what's inside that counts. And Someoka's not even bald. Xd; pinkpink.
I'm also partially keen to Someoka/Gouenji, Gouenji/Fubuki, Hiroto/Fubuki and Atsuya/Shirou. Maybe even Tsunami/Fubuki a bit? XD

18. Character you wouldn’t mind having as a parent
Genda momma~~~ Well he's too young for it, so for one of the actual adults...

Touko's papa, Zaizen Sousuke Mr. soccer-loving Prime Minister ohoho. :D~
Oh hey it's still Nakamura Yuuichi anyway, lawl. This man is everywhere in the series.
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