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[talk] The hot man with the soccer ball

So I just came back from a local candidate reception where almost 30 of the local and state candidates for the coming election showed up and gave a minute introductory speech each. I got to be the timer and hit a glass with a fork after a minute was up for each candidate. XD; kicchiri saseteyatta

From news:
We've been hearing a lot of adrenaline-pumped rants and raves about 'football' lately, so we figured we'd get in the game. If you have a paid or permanent account, you can send five free soccer balls from Thursday, June 24th, at 4pm, PDT, until Monday June 28th, at 4pm, PDT!

So... FIRST FIVE INAZUMA ELEVEN FANS (with ljs) TO COMMENT HERE GETS FREE (virtual gift) SOCCER BALLS balls sent. Uwa that was fast @.@;;;; Sorry if you didn't make it this time, hopefully next time :3

If I don't get enough by then I know who I'm sending them to anyway pwee

Sugita Tomokazu's Edgar in Inazuma Eleven (ep 86):

By the way, Edgar in ep 87 was full of lololol. His Excalibur, the farther it goes (the longer it gets), the stronger it gets (...). WHAT A JOYFUL ANALOG STICK THERE GIN-SAN. TO CONTINUE FOR THE ONE-HOUR SPECIAL NEXT WEEK; IT SHALL BE GLORIOUS.

I do also giggle at the pixiv arts poking fun at Sugitan and Nakamura Yuuichi's roles in there. sekai-hen chouuu omoshiree

eee~ If they have another set, I hope it has Fudou and Kidou together in one or something XDD

And congrats
on the Algeria match, 1-0~ \o/

And more congrats to
on the Denmark match, 3-1!
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