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Thanks to the people who answered the 5-questions meme, it was fun learning more about you >w< ~
Now that class is out until September I might work on promoting my anime sales a bit more. I'll have a few more things in the coming weeks and months too, including that extra copy of the Inazuma Eleven fanbook 2... xD

[inazuma eleven]
We've finished subbing the entire 2nd season of the anime at ryuu_rogue, so GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO.
And the fandom I love youuuuuuuu~~~ fubuczki, your chibis are such love ♥
This countdown is for more Inazuma Eleven movie information, but it also happens to mark when the 3rd DS games come out. And the official lineart folders from MOVIC/Animate~
Need to find some time to arrange wonderful-beautiful-lovely Pet service to get the Inazuma Eleven Drama CD from Animate in August. XD;


So I took advantage of free shipping from HLJ (which they offered for literally one day) and got the folder for those Inazuma Eleven pin-up posters (Character Pose Collection), along with a bunch of the packs individually~
Surprised I didn't get any repeats, all from the 2nd set:
-Burn/Naguma Haruya
-Gazel/Suzuno Fuusuke
-Gran/Kiyama Hiroto
-Reize/Midorikawa Ryuuji
-The two Raimon Eleven group posters (separated by first and second years, lol)
-And the Fubuki twins that came with the special-use file.

Although actually it would be nice to get Genda at least just because poor Sakuma is lonely~~ Otherwise I don't mind missing out on it since his angle is a little weird in the 2nd set. XD
I'm also missing Desarm from the Top-5, but I'm okay with that too tbh orz (Desarm is frankly always hotter in fanart XDDD) Wouldn't be surprised if they released a third set, but who knows~ Every piece is sooooo lovely ♥♥♥

And other stuff...


Digimon Xros Over - Inazuma
by ~splashgottaito on deviantART

Also been catching up with a ridiculous amount of BL Drama CD, reviews here~

Annnnnd catching up with a few games too XD; Lately, Tales games and Otome games like Real Rode which I'm still working on and will put screenshots up later~

And fffffff earlier I saw President Hino from Level-5 Tweet Nojima Hirofumi and went nuts. So yes, follow +over9000. Noji-nii why are you so cute even on Twitter. Practicing a difficult line at the elevator hallway, thinking no one was around, then he found out some lady was there and giving him a weird look XD;
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