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[talk] Tales of Vesperia Movie, Inazuma Eleven p-chat~

<- lol it purposely looks like DATS Tohma

Torrent for movie raw, Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ (BD H264 1280x720 24fps AAC 5.​1ch).​mp4, ~720mb, I'll update again when a sub's available.
I took Chihiro's softsubs and modified them a bit, for download here.

As a prequel, you totally don't need to have played the game to watch this movie. Many of the characters are original to the movie. It's a very classic medieval kingdoms type of setup with RPG magic and fantastical monsters. And Toriumi Kousuke and Miyano Mamoru as the leads, along with lots of other seiyuu perks of my personal interest. XD;
The only thing playing the game for this does is give you things to expect while it hints at the game's villain, but that's nowhere near the major part of the story XD;
Even then, it answered to my expectations and more ♥
Although I suppose if you haven't played the games, I'd recommend waiting for subs even if you understand the Japanese. They DO explain the Vesperia-exclusive terms they use in the movie, but it's just easier to get a hold of if you see the words on screen while they're using them. It's how it is in the game, so...

110 minutes running time of hot sexy Production IG animation~ My only real complaint is that the movie uses rather low contrast in a lot of scenes, so you'd need to watch it in a dark room to be able to see the colors vibrantly, especially the very beginning.

Pouty angry Flynn was the most amusing part along with Yuri's total "BRING IT ON MAN" attitude 8D

The twins have different chest sizes ORZ XD

This shot entertained me only in the HD quality, if you look closely. XDDDD

chibi Repede tooooo cuteeeeeeee

Lambert was hot too~

Rita moe~ Considering this takes place a few years before the game, she must be what, 12 years old here? owo;

[inazuma eleven]
Last night: First time doing an actual p-chat XD~
Started off with a light Fubuki then went on to a Bikini theme (BL warning :X~), then ended with (nekkid) nekomimi:

I forgot about the nekkid part while I was doing mine lol, but that's okay since it was optional. onkei_kun was there too, Osamu is so suitable with nekomimi XD~

Kaji YuukiのFACE!
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