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[talk] Vesperia, Lina sleeping spots, Animage June 2010 Inazuma

Trying to finish Tales of Vesperia PS3 by the time I get a chance to see the movie The First Strike which comes out on DVD/bluray in Japan like... tomorrow. I'm just about to head onto Heracles. Yes I do guiltily ship Yuri/Flynn pretty much just for Toriumi and Mamo. XD

Ffff actually I'm glad I didn't completely finish the game before I watched the movie. Just enough to know the hidden references behind the important things. But... ffffffffff that was a good movie.


Lina's latest sleeping spot. So appropriate~

[inazuma eleven]

"Someoka-kun-tachi" XD
The scene where Fubuki professes to Gouenji his fears about losing those he cherishes in game 2. Events are different here. He had already been set as my favorite character several scenes before this, but I was about ready to hug and latch-and-never-let-go-of the closest fluffy thing next to me by the time I got to this scene and I did did did

Fffffffffffff July needs to come sooner. Inazuma Eleven 3 DS, I can't wait~~~~~

I hope the 3rd game continues to portray the storyline in subtly different ways from the anime, because the differences are really interesting when you go back to one or the other afterwards. Speaking of which, list of differences from the game to anime with lots of 2nd season spoilers. XD Still working on it.

Endou (Takeuchi Junko) and Gouenji (Nojima Hirofumi) seiyuu interview for those interested~ 3rd season spoilers in the text.

Oh yeah, store post is updated with new stuff! Lots of clear files and pullouts XD
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