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[talk] Digimon Xros Wars Cast, Animage May 2010 Inazuma


The new Digivice is a razor, I swear.

Oh some of the seiyuu people on my f-list who aren't in the Digimon communities might be waiting from me on this LOL.

More pics of the 6th Digimon anime, Digimon Xros Wars:

Kudou Taiki - Takayama Minami
Shoutmon - Sakamoto Chika
Hinomoto Akari - Shiraishi Ryoko
Tsurugi Zenjirou - Kishio Daisuke
Aonuma Kiriha - Kusao Takeshi
Nene Amano - Kuwashima Houko

More: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/digimon_xw/ Site update~~

Producers - Matsuhisa Tomoharu (TV Asahi) & Sakurada Hiroyuki (Toei Animation)
Series Director - Endou Tetsuya
Series Composition - Sanjou Riku
Character Design/Chief Art Director - Asanuma Akihiro あさぬま・あきひろ
Art Design - Yuki Shinzou

Dorurumon - Sakurai Takahiro
Sparrowmon - Kikuchi Kokoro
Monitormon - Maruyama Yuuko
Tactimon - Shimada Bin

Impressions - better than they were initially, but my expectations overall have really sunk in hopes that they'll surprise me... because they haven't done so in a excitedly positive way for me yet.

Actually kind of surprised that this part of the cast list are all pretty well-established seiyuu. Usually there are one or two really new ones in the mix. And I'm also surprised about them bringing back Sakamoto Chika for the lead Digimon as well as the obvious "knockoff" naming sense off Adventure. Hell, I was guilty of knockoff naming... back in the creative development of my mind in middle school. :|
There are the other Digimon to get cast-listing off of yet though, and if it follows the pattern of the other series, some prominent voices will show up later in the series as well.

Shimono Hiro & Kaji Yuuki twin appearance ikkeeeeeeeeeeee

[inazuma eleven]
Animage May 2010 scans~ I should be getting June in soon too.
Congrats Gin-san #1~ Of course, for the movie I can't wait to see ♥ Lol @ Inazuma Eleven taking up the most pictures out of the top character poll pages 8D~ Give 'em a chance and they TAKE OVERrrrr


I realize I could just cut out the pages to get them in fewer scans, but I'm lazy with these walls of text.
Btw, they pretty much call SomeFubu beauty and the beast. wwwwww

Got a lot of doodles I need to find time to clean up... XD;
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