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[talk] TS caps fer fansubbing

Finally got to see Avatar last night. Didn't consciously realize how full of Titanic aura it spilled until I looked more closely at the director and composer's names at the end credits. It was better than I assumed from the overhype, but I'm not sure if I can settle with the whole typical character-support death scheme they took. Kind of tempts me to re-read the Hork Bajir Chronicles. Guess that's all I have to say about that. XD

"someone had a megalomanical plan to take over the world by means of raw provision :V"
A "group" (the name, I may just shorten to Elitist...) has popped up and has started releasing TSes on bt, including Inazuma Eleven. Because of that, and because he doesn't want to bother keeping track of payments, our capper has decided to stop charging us for the TS caps. But since I'm still using his distro services (and wow for whoever is seeding those BTs), I'll still be transferring some RyRo donations to him with what we get and he's okay with that too. :)

I dunno if this group will be able to carry through July with the new Digimon, but again I'll still rather use our current TS capper's sources. It should be essentially the same anyway XD;

While I'm on this subject, finally started releasing Oofuri s2 at Saizen, Sex Pistols OVA at aarinfantasy is hot, and I'm doing a little something on the side to get all the cut-scenes in Final Fantasy 13 subbed. People tell me "well, you can watch it all on youtube" and that makes me go :|
For one, it's not subbed on youtube either, and two, I'm not going to show people the English dub. XD
Defeats the purpose of the existence of that game if you can't see it in real quality, lawl
Kaji Yuuki yus
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