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[talk] Inazuma Eleven challenge to the world

My current set of rotating Inazuma Eleven wallpapers (Windows 7 feature) is here (mediafire, 10mb), with LOTS OF FANSUB SPOILER IMAGES~
by the way, add more fansubspoilerypic to the pile because I love this artist's style wayyyyyyyyyyy too much~


11 yen in every Inazuma Eleven game 3 purchase goes to UNICEF charity for peace in Africa (more than 10 cents each). Suitable for a game about challenging the world. More specifically, they want to provide soccer balls to the kids in Africa as they grow up. {EndouOsmosis continuesssssss}
Inazuma Eleven game 2 hit over 1 million copies early this year, and no doubt game 3 will do just as well, if not better (for using a cartridge with twice as much diskspace as the previous? Hell yeah). That's already way more than $100,000 to UNICEF. \o/
Gets me curious.
How many gaming companies donate to charities? Does Pokemon ever donate to animal conservation or such? For a franchise whose games sell three times as well, certainly they must... right?
If nobody can answer me this I'm going to assume the Pokemon franchise is just as in for it as the crap that is Goldman Sachs

omg finally the real-life Fubuki~~~ is creepycute too \o/. Pureaze to make new live on-stage to make me laugh my nonexistent balls off \o/

Other link for self-ref: http://tinycartridge.com/post/171372701/professor-laytons-london-life-the-100-hour-rpg

Inazuma Eleven Ep 78:
fuyuppe moeeeeeee, and Kazemaru shifukuuuuuuuuuuuu
The splurge of purty Kazemaru and Ryuuji fanart on pixiv \o/
I do wonder why Kazemaru and Ryuuji were hanging out together out in the streets in the first place I do wonderrrrrr
Kazemaru, your blushing while staring at Endou/Fuyup is.......!!!
Why does this series do such a good job of tempting more MULTI-pairings into my head?!?!?!?
they doooooooooooo go places on their free-time \o/!!! They DO exist outside their soccer jerseys! \o/
want to see moarrrr of that \o/
particularly want to see team Korea's free-time \o/

And next ep will be lots of Gouenji goodness \o/ Noji-nii!!!!! Can't wait~~~
Eek at Nakamura Yuuichi and Hino-shachou tweeting each other. XD;;;; Apparently Nakamura is really looking forward to one of Hino's upcoming games, Fantasy Life. Considering all the gaming-related voices Nakamura does (Inazuma~~~~~~), I still find it a little funny imagining him actually playing all these games. I'm sure he does quite passionately too. ;;;
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