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[talk] New Digimon anime, Inazuma Eleven

The new Digimon series...
Assuming it's airing on Asahi TV in HD (HD please \o/), I can get our TS capper for ryuu_rogue's Inazuma Eleven to cap the series at $5 an ep.
Inazuma Eleven TS caps are currently being funded by onkei_kun and me, along with a few small donations here are there thanks to you guysI need to set up a donors page D: Donors page is up~
To be honest, as it stands right now, I have no interest to put any money out of my own pocket for the new Digimon series. I wouldn't mind working on it at ryuu_rogue in general though. Some Digimon fans have offered to help fund for the TS caps if we sub it, so we'll see. XD;

For some personal perspective... I wanted Digimon to take a longer break so they could get their act SERIOUSLY TOGETHER and do another thing awesome, fresh and different like Savers (I emphasize different because I don't necessarily mean a Savers lookalike), or just something ideally better. I dunno about this "going back to the roots" everyone claims it's going in just because of the goggles and art style. Then again, still yet to see the staff working on it and the cast, amongst other things in general... Too early for me to say much other than I'm disappointed for now, yet there's still hope to impress me. But it's going to take a LOT MORE to impress me at this point. If it's going to be under the Digimon name, it better :| I miss character image songs for lovely seiyuu and BGMs~

And uhhh, I don't see myself going back to the Digimon Battle MMO unless they lower the cash shop prices quite dramatically. $20 for a Dorimon that replaces your original partner Digimon. You can get the first Digimon Data Squad DVD boxset for that. Also, ridiculous prices for pixelated clothing that's TIMED, meaning it's cheaper and more economic if you went and bought clothes in real life. wtf. The opening of that marketing 101 fail project was a great big wakeup call to do other things instead. \o/

[inazuma eleven]
Back onto the track about people who actually know what they're doing... :x

On the note of character songs, Inazuma Eleven would be totally. hot. for character songs. XDDDD Although it doesn't seem like much of a possibility considering the background of all of the companies behind its production. IT'D STILL BE HOT. I'm quite happy with its amazinggggggggg OST work though, can't wait for anime OST 2 ♥ ~ I still wonder if they'll release the game 2 OST.

Here's the PV for Inazuma Eleven DS 3 that was in ep 77's TS. Nothing really new compared to the big first trailer from the website, but it's all for the OMG HD INAZUMA L33t QUALITIZ
Also it confirms what I suspected out of the whole Inazuma Eleven DS 2 -> 3 system. You need a 2nd DS to transfer characters from the 2nd game to the 3rd game.
As always, password: fubuki

after Inazuma Caravan is Inazuma Plane and Inazuma Cruiseboat? Just making stuff up... XDDD omgggggg what happens to fubuki anywayyyy kininaruuuu

Other note to self: It's like beauty and the beast otome style with moar animals: http://www.otomate.jp/beast/ shimono and kaji yuuki~
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