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[talk] Spring 2010 anime, Digimon...

Might edit in more as they pop up...

[anime blab]
Angel Beats! - Typical girls with guns shit with a semi-interesting cast. Err I only watched it to see how silly CoalGuys's troll sub was. it was silly and much better than a real sub for the series. 8D I can't take a series like that seriously anyway. So yeah, drop... unless CoalGuys does more troll subs of it.

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Actually, I've been growing a certain detest with Shaft's projects, since it feels like they try too hard (while being on acid) and in the end, their works are nothing interesting to me. Again, I can't take any of it seriously. :| The art and animation is full of details, but the story-telling lacks... impact. Of any kind. Mostly because it's too spastic, and also because it distracts itself WAY too much. But this piece is a liiiiiiiittle better, most likely because of the original work it's based off on. And Maaya ♥. Shaft is in love with Kamiyan, so of course Kamiyan too. XD; I'll keep it for a few more eps at least.

Giant Killing - Moar soccer show~ This doesn't look like a DEEN show for once though. I like the cast enough to watch a little longer at least. The Engrish at the beginning was actually a big turn-off though, lawl. Not as attractive as Inazuma Eleven to me ...my semi-semi-semi shota fetish rears its head up for stuff like this. On a partially related note, I realize I probably would've been a lot more "obsessed" with Prince of Tennis if they were always this little 8D

Hakuoki - Might try the PS2 port for the DS once I can get it working XD. Reeks of typical DEEN mediocre bishie show, this time with Shinsengumi. XD; But I might keep it in the background for the seiyuu if I have the time XD; I do have this terrible ability to run through DEEN's shows from start-to-finish and not take a single attachment to the plot or characters. (Some I can think off the top of my head are Shounen Onmyouji, Amatsuki, Hatenkou Yuugi, I'll even admit they made me lose attachment to 07-ghost characters somewhat :< ~...) I guess now that they've run low on manga to slaughter, they're moving onto otome games. XD; And maybe they'll look better doing it since these games don't have as much illustration to base initial expectation on. Hope Starry Sky goes well too~

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - Still contemplating just because it's Shoujo + JCStaff, but other than that, it hasn't impressed me much. Hmmm.

Major s6 - Likely just marathon at a certain point. XD; Need moar Toshi/Goro~.

Oofuri s2 - Not a very interesting start to the 2nd series, but let's see if petshopmistress can keep up with it this time, lol.

Uraboku (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru) - Was for the cast even before it started. And since it is JC Staff animating it, it's somewhat tolerable as story/characters come... but yeah. Not really taken into it otherwise.

Working! - I like the cast and the characters are somewhat interesting too.~ Will watch for a few more~


Wewt, go SomeFubu! XDDDDDDD
My WyvernBlizzard (Tailmon) got to Mega too~
But I'm still not up to leveling up any of my other characters.
And it sucks that items aren't transferrable between characters. I'm not making 3 Brave +4s and 3 Miracle Digiegg +4s for any more accounts, so I guess I'll just be stuck with the Digimon I have now and hope they open up that bank/storage thing. Kind of miss my Renamon and Piyomon, but I'll deal.

And before I forget, Re: New Digimon Series... Eh :|
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