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[talk] Inazuma Eleven Dream, Digimon MMO

I had my first dream about Inazuma Eleven XD~~~~~~~~ And of course it involved another large building, my dreams cannot escape them
I was in a pretty typical midwestern house with mostly white carpet floors and walls, and everything looked really clean. Aki was downstairs and Endou and Ichinose each had a room upstairs. Domon apparently had a room too, but when I went to check on him, there was some memo on his bed saying he'd be gone for a while. XD I can't remember if anyone else was there, but I'm sure they were...?

The boys were oversleeping on a day when they needed to get up for soccer practice, so Aki asked me to go wake them up... I don't remember if I did anything more than poking around to wake up Endou, but I definitely jumped Ichinose while he was sleeping. Like... until he was going "AH STOP FINE I'LL GET UP JUST GET OFF OF MEE" kind of jump. Maybe I was Rika but I'm not sure lawl.

Eventually, we all ate breakfast together at a round table while we watched TV, and then some weird Summer Wars-like crisis came up... I don't clearly remember it either, but it involved someone threatening to blow up Inazuma Town and we had to use digital devices somehow to stop them. But all of the devices we tried had been disabled somehow, and in the end we all sat around the living room and brought our DSes (yes, even Aki) to take down the villain. I don't remember much else after that. ;;

I partially blame this on listening to Kaji Yuuki stuff for half the day without really intending to (Radio Misty, some BL dramas and editing Inazuma Eleven ep 40 ;;). XD LET'S GET SOME MOAR


If people are playing Digimon Battle MMO beta, you can find me on when I am as SomeokaRyuugo (Mihira server)
My main account is supposed to be Splash, but she's caught in the nasty "discarded a Digimon and capture rate turns into 0%" bug, so I'm not touching her until it's fixed.

^- Finally made it to 3 +4 Braves! With a mix of crest and material farming, it was interesting enough while listening to lots of BL Dramas. xD;
Buy/Sale/Trade topic on forums

While I'm on these topics, I keep remembering how Kaji Yuuki pointed out a Digimon poster in Akihabara during Face!, and how he really wanted to be in it. Uuu, he'd be good~ And with Shimono Hiro-tan XD;

Note for self: http://underwater.nyaatorrents.org/bin/xshit/
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