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[talk] Summer Wars

I need a Summer Wars icon, but I'll just do with Tokikake for now~


A lot's happened since Hosoda Mamoru's first original animated movie Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo. If you thought that movie looked like Digimon's "Our War Game", try this one on for size:

It's got plenty of its own original elements, but the overall crisis is almost the exact same as Our War Game. Pretty sweet.

A DVD rip leak had been out for a while, but now we can finally see it in HD glory \o/ As in you can actually see the mosquito net and the internet conversations and the english credits with the HD.

BT - Take your pick for a video. If you get [Zero-Raws] Summer Wars (BD 1280x720 x264 AAC).​mp4 (which I recommend, or the 1080p raw), I did a run-through of the subs that were out and edited the timing/lines in places so it's more... friendly to read. ._.; That's here. If you want proper styling, you'll need the fonts from Inazuma Eleven releases at ryuu_rogue. Note I only did a rushed pass-- there are still lots of minor bleeds and discontinuous lines because I didn't bother touching them with how slow aegisub runs on h264 HD raws. And the timing was so horrible (it was obvious the timer didn't know a drip of the language) on the original that most of my fixes ended up being basic adjustments to the beginning of lines. I only did it in the first place because I encoded a hardsubbed mp4 to watch with the parents on the PS3. :3

Some people call Hosoda Mamoru the anti-Miyazaki because while Miyazaki's settings are rooted in fantasy, Hosoda warps the way you see reality. In an awesome way. The amount of detail he puts into these is just amazing. He is just too cool. <3

And there's a shiba inu in it for you woquinoncoin XD

I'd love to purchase a bluray of this if they would release it in the US (the Japanese release doesn't have English subs that I would need to show around to friends and such). They never released a bluray for TokiKake in the U.S. however. That makes me go ಠ_ಠ

On another note~~

Digimon Savers x Durarara Paro by ~splashgottaito on deviantART

On Nico uhyaa, people actually comment. 緊張する… owo;
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