Splash (splash) wrote,

[talk] DRRR parody WIP...

I felt like I've been neglecting the art-ness for a while, so I picked up something outside of commissions for the first time in a bit...

Digimon Savers x Durarara!! Ed work in-progress~

This is taking soooooo long. Ugggh coloring might take just as long even if I just cel-shade XDDDDD;

I finally finished all the line art except for the last one, which I'm still contemplating some evil things with

Anyway, if avisynth things work out, I'll have an interesting hq .mkv to go with it in the end :D

I probably won't be getting the Digimon Memorial book for more than another week, please don't spoil me about its contents in the meantime because I want to enjoy its full glory with the actual hard copy! The 3D shorts from Toei should be coming within the week though.~
Tags: series - digimon savers
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