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[talk] TS Encoding and 6-Icon Meme

Lots of Inazuma Eleven and Legendz releasing at ryuu_rogue and it's good to see more posters at inazuma_11 too :D

With many special thanks to "Taito_Special" (yes~~) I can encode the TS files for Inazuma Eleven now~~~ The only remaining frustration for now is figuring out how to remove the watermark logos x_x;
I KNOW it can be done well on the BS-J raws because the filters have been applied to some of the BS-J raws we have (ep 17 is one of them, and you can almost never tell a filter has been used except for places like this in Gouenji's hair, and that's probably the most you'll ever see of it)

Anybody experienced with removing watermarks in encoding videos? I mean SERIOUSLY EXPERIENCED, I've heard all the conjecture already, I just need someone who knows what they're doing now. >_>; I've suffered past the main thing I need to do (setting up InpaintFunc or rm_logo filters), but I KEEP GETTING AVS ERRORS FOR SOME REASON so I need help orz

The BS-J watermark as shown in its native resolution 1920px × 1080px)
Well, the TS files are 5.5gb, so I've made a clip of the opening instead, which should be more manageable.

(。◕‿‿◕。) Opening 3 - Tsunagariiyo (BS-J) password: fubuki (here if you want the prettier x264 version~)
(╬ ಠ益ಠ) The mask image I've been using for 1280 x 720 (use this with the op3 clip)
(╬ ಠ益ಠ) The mask image I've been using for 1920 × 1080 before applying LanczosResize(1280,720) (don't use this mask with the op3 clip)
(╬ ಠ益ಠ) sample avs (needs directory configuring and the rm_logo filter if you're going to use)
(╬ ಠ益ಠ) screenshot of the error I get when I try to load the avs
omgggg jpwong to save the day again XDD And lots of thanks to junh1024 too ♥ Encoding woes have simmered after a long, painful day XD~~~~ Hirotoooooo

From robinterrae
Icon meme
- Leave me a comment if you want to do the meme (also tell me, as some people just like to comment and don't want to do the meme XD)
- I will reply with 6 of your icons and then you have to post this up and describe them!

Digimon Savers - Tohma last night. stolen icon idea that I couldn't help but think about when I saw ep 7, but I forgot where I stole the idea from.~
Digimon - Tokomon DELIGHT. Digimon is a kid's show, really. Actually, I want to know what the artist was thinking. Haha.
LOLcats - HUG~. The paws are soft and punipuni fuwafuwa and the hug is cuteeeeeeee
Seiyuu - Fukuyama Jun Girl Power. Because this seiyuu is made out of so much awesome.
Digimon Savers - Boys Love LOOKIE. This was originally Chika handing out a blank piece of paper to Masaru to coax him to get the superstar Neon to sign it. Masaru's giving her the "dude wut" look. It needed something, so I put something on it.
Digimon Savers - Aniki ep 22 fanservice. Because ffffffffffffffffffff These were the moments I lived for in Savers XDDDDD *runs* It's not the slightest bit near as sinfullygood in all the other mainstream fandoms. Can has sleepover as the Daimon residence nao?
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