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[talk] New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions:
1. Casual bike-riding once the weather gets nice. I miss it. Cycle. T_T;

2. Get somewhere on my Digimon Savers fanfics/doujinshi stuff. The inspiration is plenty there still but NOT THE TIME ORZ
I've pretty much resigned to knowing I might not ever find the time to color all those pages I wanted to color, but I will AT LEAST color the scenes I specifically wanted to color for it because it's... important I do D:
Part of this resignation is because instead of a short 50-page doujinshi I originally planned, an idea came up and the story is turning into something mini-epic over 100 pages again ORZ ORZ ORZ

3. Not look in the toilet after taking a dump. lolol I remember Sugitan saying this "new year resolution" during some free talk somewhere and I just wanted to say it too. It's not going to happen though. ORZ

4. Do an effing big pimp post for Inazuma Eleven~

5. Do this art meme. 83~~~~

6. Clear a good portion off the translation projects list in general... o___o; I picked up a couple more semi-steady commissioners, so I've been pretty loaded work-wise and not bothering with the other baito because the translation work is sadly more rewarding.


And now to REIGN IN THE NEW YEAR, some (completely unrelated) ANIMATED GIFs for the internetz~

Eee Tachibananananana's character~

NEED MORE INAZUMA ELEVEN IN HDTV T_T Still looking for eps 21, 26-39, 41, 42, and 44+ in HD resolution!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone~
Tags: otp - tomato, series - inazuma eleven
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