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[talk] Scrolllllllllling image of "flying" Digimonnnnn

Putting up a different side image for the holidays~ More on it below XD;

wooo all the fun html you can do on LJ (and still can't do even with a paid account on devart *pouts*)

The Masters of Public Administration program at Western is getting me back into the political groove I started getting into a bit during my freshmen year at University of Michigan, what with the 2004 election being the first election I could vote in. I voted for the 2008 election overseas, while in China from August to late November, and... yeah I pretty much missed basically the most important months of the political campaigning back at home. XD I admit I didn't keep up very well while I was overseas, and so a lot of issues lost me coming back to the US... except the official announcement of the recession. Then I caught up. After that, well... here I am now.

One of the little Christmas presents I got myself was Jon Stewart's America (The Book) for only $8.50 including shipping. xD Been watching the Daily Show a lot too. This goofball is my intellectual savior~

Sent Christmas cards out for the year~
Really sorry if more people wanted to exchange cards this year with me :< ~ So tight on time this year. Hope the next one is better. T_T!
I'll shower people with fansub presents instead? XD Not just at ryuu_rogue but with the other commissions I've got running as well... Mm, even skipped a week at the baito to catch up on things and now I'm in all the darashinai mood and don't want to go out into the coldddd for the rest of the yearrrrr. xD I know I'll need to for some volunteering and checking out my class location in Lansing next semester though.

I'll be busy as hell next semester, so I'll probably be posting even less than I do these days. REALLY NEED TO SEARCH FOR SUMMER 2010 INTERNSHIP FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. But I still need to take one class in the summer too so the internship needs to be somewhat local. Mmmmmth dammit that's what happens when I need to finish this program in 2 years. :\ tasuketeeeeeeeeeeee

mochaholic I'll be sending you the original sketch for this piece if that's okay with you :3~
Hey onkei_kun what say I start donating to WWF this year as your "Christmas present" that you asked for XD CAN YOU GUESS WHO I ADOPTED. (tricky question) I'll give two clues-- One, I don't want to adopt the ones that offer the giantttt plushies (OF LOVE) unless/until I AM FINANCIALLY STABLE ENOUGH to do so. The other clue is in this LJ entry itself.

Mm, Tegami Bacchi's op/ed single are lovely <3 ~

The coupling for the ed was composed/arranged by Elements Garden, no wonder ♥~ These guys compose so much nice music, including Messiah's OST~

Uhhh I was supposed to get another music CD coming in, but I don't think petshopmistress shipped it out yet orz. Where is she~
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