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[talk] Digimon glee? XDDD

Too bad these are probably only 15 minutes long each, but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

A couple CG short films coming on DVD release from Toei :D
Release Date 2010/02/21
Price - 4500yen (4725yen Tax incl.)

デジモンアドベンチャー デジモングランプリ!
Digimon Adventure Digimon Grand Prix!

Digimon Savers Digital World Kiki Ippatsu! (One-shot Crisis)

Cast (the same ones btw~)
Agumon (Savers) - Matsuno Taiki
Gaomon - Nakai Kazuya
Lalamon - Yukana
Culumon - Kaneda Tomoko
V-mon - Noda Junko
Agumon (Adventure) - Sakamoto Chika

Director for the Adventure bit is Hosoda Mamoru. ♥

CDJapan description:
Features "Kikansha Yaemon," "Digimon Adventure Digimon Grand Prix!" "Digimon Data Squad Digital World Kiki Ippatsu!" and "Gegege no Kitaro." Includes 3D glasses.

Special Features: three-dimensional version (61 minutes approx.)

Total getto daze. I really hope the yen exchange gets better by then x____________X;;;;;;;

Ahaha looking at the Character introduction for the Adventure piece... Agumon's plane looks so phallic and Gabumon's a total pimp. Tentomon in a top hat >w< ~ The others kind of crack me up in a good way too. V-mon's looks utterly cool though. ♥

In other Digimon glee, I picked up RyRo's Savers batch at bakabt and changed up the preview pictures since the old ones weren't working. Mmmm~ (I wanted to use better pictures of Tohma but the scenery and Gaomon's pose were what I was going for XD)
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